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that line is gone now :-). so today i only skipped one class, and it was sort of an accident. actually, it was mostly on purpose becuase i really wanted a good night sleep. i slept almost 12 hours. ahhh... i sure felt refreshed when i woke up.

our softball team got crushed. i'm getting pretty used to losing. i think defeat grows on you.

my juggling skills are still improving. when my roommates see me attempt to juggle, they are slightly impressed because i almost look like i know what i'm doing.

molly is thinking about getting a job at big bear becuase i speak so highly of it... i can't quite explain to her that i only talk about it that much so i can find ways to talk about christine... so i just said 'sure, good idea.' and inside i pout becuase now it's not going to be my own place to escape from everything anymore. she's going to be the overlap. maybe she'll just forget about it.

so i'm just barely caught up with my homework, but i have a quiz wednesday and midterms thursday and friday and i haven't even started thinking about any of them yet... tomorrow... before work. or after work. or never, i'll just get some more bad grades. whatever.

if i go to bed now, i can still get 9 and a half hours of sleep. that's not bad...

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Wow u sound so busy, Im surprised you haven't had a break down lol and thanx for congratulating me!! cya l8er

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