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my hand
well, i made a friends cut. it didn't go exactly as anticipated. i don't know what happened--i think i switched between windows too much, or used back instead of reloading the page, but i had all these checkmarks by people i didn't even know, like mr_darks showed as my friend, and lord knows i never add anybody who only posts in a language i can't read! and then i noticed that it showed i wasn't tragic_4's friend, which is just absurd. so i tried my best to correct and remove like i meant to, but if i forgot you, i'm sorry!

to recap, if you're no longer my friend, it's because:
1) i thought you no longer existed
2) i thought you no longer realized i existed
or 3) lj screwed up

just comment if you want to be added back...

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last I checked you commented on a post so you know I exist, and I try to comment now and again so I'm guessing it's 3

ahh, yes, sorry! you were an unfortunate victim of #3! you're back now! :-)

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