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my babies
i don't know what happened at the wedding to make me feel less than human, but i am now wondering if i even have it in me to genuinely love or care about another person. they're such abstract concepts that i'm having trouble coming up with a concrete answer. can you think of any questions you can ask yourself, to gauge whether or not you care about somebody?

(for example, "if a friend needed $20, would you loan it to them?"
my answer would be yes, for pretty much anybody i know. i think there's a difference between knowing how to be a nice person, and actually caring about somebody, though. i think loaning somebody money is more about being a nice person (and always having extra cash on me, and knowing that even if i never see that $20 again, it's not the end of the world). what's a good question that would tell you whether or not you care about somebody, though?)

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ps how was the wedding? I'm dying to hear about megan's brother!

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