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(no subject)
i went to class and took the midterm. i think i probably did fine, like at least a b, but i'm not sure. i came home and took a nice nap, and i still made it to my next class on time. we didn't get back our midterms. maybe monday, he says.

i went to udf. susan thinks i'm a good worker. linda got fired for stealing. a boy named dan got fired for stealing money, lots of it. he was very slick about it, apparently. they called him a professional. he got around $1000 before they caught him. i wonder how christine is doing. seth got fired too, for stealing. or susan says he's fired. seth seems to think that he's just on suspension, and he's going to be able to come back. does this seem like a good place to work?
it is strange, working there at night. it's not at all like my grocery store. there's a bunch of college kids and a bunch of drunks and a bunch of drunk college kids. they're loud and crazy and sometimes funny and sometimes it just gets scary. when i get the chance, i escape and go stock the cooler, because i like having something to do, and the other two don't want to do it. i like stocking the milk better, but beer is the beverage of the night, especially something called natural light. i had never even heard of it. i thought busch or budweiser or mgd or something i had heard of would be popular, but every time i went back there, we were out of natural light. i think i'm not a good college student. college students are supposed to be beer experts.
i ended up staying an extra 15 minutes, cleaning up the boxes and milk crates i had piled up in the cooler, and the hot girl came in to work. her name is ja'lysa. i told her i liked her name. i think she thought i was being sarcastic.

i have one more midterm monday, and then i'm done with tests until finals come around... it bugs me a little that brandy and holly and cindy and all my friends at other schools are done with school, and i'm only almost done with midterms... tomorrow i work 2 jobs, and marie and i start work at the exact same time. i'm supposed to get off a half hour before her, but i'm nearly positive matt will let me stay that extra half hour, and then that makes two chances i have to be with her in the break room. i'm going to make sure i get there early tomorrow. i am good at being dumb.