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(no subject)
lego monkey
just thinking about maybe someday doing a friends cut...

Poll #1722130 who is reading this?

are you reading this?


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I'm just not so able to comment lately. I'll do better!

I don't always comment but I do like to follow along! :)

just kidding! I know, I'm so funny.

ha! well i guess i put the stupid option in there, so i should have expected somebody would pick it!

hey also: if you ever do go to a menchie's by you, can you try to notice what kind of merchandise they have, and report back?? at my menchie's, they have clothes and stuffed menchie's (pretty sure i'm eventually going to buy myself one of these :-) and pencils and chapsticks, plus charm bracelets and watches and little jewelery stuff like that. but most of the really cool clothes, like the t-shirts with menchie in all his colorful glory, are for little kids! the only menchie shirt they have in an adult size is dark grey with a black menchie on it. it's kind of lame. and the pencils are way cool, but i'm not a kid... i don't write with pencils. i really want a menchie's pen, but those don't exist at my store! the website says you have to go to the stores to get merchandise, and it doesn't list out everything they have available. i tried searching on ebay, but do you believe there's evidently not a market on ebay at all for menchie's memoribilia?
anyway. long story short: i'm just curious if each store decides what to carry, and there are tons and tons of menchie's things, or if what i see in my store is the whole selection. and since this is currently the only menchie's in ohio, pennslyvania, michigan, or indiana, i don't have any good way to check this out...

(yes, i know i'm obsessed.)

haha you ARE obsessed...now I pretty much have to go...

i have to say, you talk about all these really great sounding food chains you guys have over there, i'm uber jealous!!

I am kinda sucky at reading and commenting, and have been for a while, but I do read when I have the time and energy.

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