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(no subject)
i woke up early and went to work. marie's car was in the parking lot. 8 in the morning, and her car is in the parking lot? i thought i was hallucinating, but she was really there, buying some stuff, and i asked her what she was doing and she gave me that fakish smile and said 'i came to visit you, of course,' and i grumbled some half awake nonsense and hurried to clock in because i was late. she was with a guy and he looked normal. i don't want her to be with a guy. i hope it's her little brother. she doesn't have a little brother.

i discovered that terrie is on vacation next week. i'm glad because i hate dealing with her. i'm sad because i want her to be there. and that's all i'm going to say about terrie, because i understand bits and pieces about it, but overall, i really don't understand my issues with terrie.

it was early and i was tired, which made for a rather uneventful day. murphy got re-hired. i'm working in dairy one day next week, which is a little strange, but i'm not complaining.

molly and i got off at the same time and we went to play soccer. the other team didn't have enough players, so they forfeited and we played a pick-up game. that's how soccer's made to be played. it was a good game. nobody knew anybody. we just found people at the fields, and put them all on the field at once, in different colored jerseys. sure, sometimes we had 3 people playing left d, but we always managed to sort it out. we followed the rules just enough to keep it reasonable, but if it went a little out of bounds, we just played on. people admitted their own handballs, called their own fouls, and we had fun. i don't know who won. i don't think anybody knows. i love it when it's not about winning because nobody can call me the loser or blame me for the loss. everybody just has fun. i like fun.

then i came back here and procrastinated a while, and then i wrote a paper, after getting grammar opinions from everybody i know... it's done. it's not good and it's not bad and it should do the trick. i'm not proud of it, but maybe the teacher will be... and maybe not. i don't care, either way.

i woke up early today and i have an early class tomorrow and i'm going to bed now. the end.