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i woke up around 2, only becuase i knew i had to go to sleep tonight at a decent hour so i wake up for my midterm tomorrow. molly and i went grocery shopping. jim was there. i introduce him to molly and tell him how she works the night shift. before we went in, i begged molly to not leave me alone with him, so she doesn't, even when he is obviously just talking to me and it was probably sort of awkward for her to still be standing there. i am grateful. i have such great friends. so then me and molly are up in the checkout lane and molly's checking out, and i hear my name over the intercom, telling me to pick up intercom line 1. it's jim. i just stand there for a while, and marie is watching me from a few lanes over. adam is my cashier, and he tells me to pick it up. so finally i do. he says 'loser?' i say yeah. he says 'are you sure?' i laugh and say yeah. he says 'don't forget, we have to see dude where's my car sometime.' i am pretty glad that he wasn't there to see the look on my face, becuase judging from the way molly, adam, and marie all laughed at me, what i was thinking was probably obvious. i say 'ok.' like ok, i won't forget. but hopefully you will... then he jokes with me for a while, like 'i just wanted to call you over the intercom when you weren't working becuase i didn't think you'd expect that,' and 'it's a good thing you picked it up, because i was going to keep calling you until you did.' and then he says ok, see you, and i say bye and hang up. and i buy my groceries. and i about die, acting all calm and collected, until finally we make it outside and i scream 'ahhhhh' and put my hands over my face. molly cracks up. she wants to know what he said. i wanted him to forget! i wanted him to drop it! why does he have to remember that i agreed to that? my hands are covering my eyes and when i take them away, christine is coming at me with a row of carts. she probably thinks i'm insane... she says 'hey loser, what are you doing here?' i hold up the bags over my arms and tell her grocery shopping. and i mumble something about stupid movie that i don't think she hears. i want her to know every detail of this situation. i don't know why. i make no sense to me. what difference does it make if she knows or not?

so then we go back. alana is ready to study for the ee midterm. we make some formula sheets and she explains a little stuff to me, but we get to these problems that neither of us understand at all, so we're pretty frustrated, and then i have to go to my soccer game.

it's mother's day so we have no subs. neither of our really good girls are there. we have 2 girls who came the first week and had never played soccer before, and this was their first time back. the team we're playing has no subs either, but they're undefeated and have uniforms. real uniforms. nobody has real uniforms for intermural soccer! so we get the kickoff and i pass the ball off to some girl and before either of us know what's going on, the other team has stripped the ball from her, executed this flawless give-and-go all the way down the field, and scored a goal. it takes less than 5 minutes for them to rack the score up to 5-0. so then they ease up and just play defense. they let us pass for a while, and then they get tired of it, steal it from us, and boot it anywhere... out of bounds, down the field, up the field, whatever. it doesn't take long for this to amuse us. we stink. so when one of the girls who's never played goes to kick the ball, misses, and falls flat on her ass, she starts laughing and just lays there on the ground, cracking up. so we start laughing too, and the other team, instead of kicking the ball, laughs too. and offer to help her up. the game quickly becomes this huge joke. we try to teach the new girls how to pass with their instep, us and the other team. the other team is passing the ball to our 2 girls, and encouraging them to pass it to a teammate. it's hilarious. and then me and one of the girls who's actually played before both go to kick the ball and neither of us notice each other and somehow, instead of kicking the ball, we just kick each other's feet. it is the funniest thing i've ever seen. the refs give up at having a real game to ref, and just laugh with us. then in the 2nd half, the other team lines up on one side of the goal line, so that the whole left side of the goal is blocked off, and they have the goalie play on the right side. then they send one person out to chase us. so we have all of us trying to pass it around and score in the right half of the goal, and they have one girl running like a maniac between all of us, trying to get the ball away. and when she gets exhausted from chasing the ball, she goes and collapses on the goal line and the next girl takes her turn chasing. one of their girls can't stop laughing when she's chasing us. she laughs so hard she cries and snorts and, she's still running around trying to take the ball away. it's hilarious. the refs are getting a kick out of it and so are we. we don't manage to score. every time we come close, we get excited and cheer and the other team cheers with us. it is the funnest time i have ever had playing soccer in my life. when the game's over, the 2 new girls are joking about how they can't believe they've never played this sport before when it's so fun. jim is the last thing on my mind.

so i get back and shower and go back down to alana's room to study. with this new fresh start, i tell her to just let me read the book for a minute, and i get my 5 productive reading minutes in on the section that we didn't understand. i am amazed at how simple it is. textbooks are a marvelous thing. if you read them, they explain these things to you. so i explain it to her, which makes me feel good, since so far everything i know about ee has come from her. and with this new understanding, the problems we were stuck on before are easy. of course, then we hit the next section, and my mind is no longer willing to concentrate on anything. but at least i'll get the questions over that one section. better than none. i feel like i'm a little more prepared for this midterm than i was for the last one, so maybe i'll do better this time. i hope. anyway, that's early tomorrow, so i'm going to bed now.

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Wow Jim seems to like you alot lol... oh well you know what maybe you should just go out with him just to shut him up... then after the so called "Date" just tell him you just wanna be friends... I dunno just an idea, ne wayz I gotta go ciao!

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