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(no subject)
i meant to wake up to work on the tape. instead i stayed in bed, imagining that marie was there with me... i want her.

when i got up, i had to get ready for work. molly ended up giving me a ride, so i did work on the tape a little with the time i saved. work was pretty dull. marie wasn't there and i spent the whole day wishing that she was. terrie is on vacation. rashid was there, and he teased me about being bad, and we talked about terrie's butt, but we talked about everyone else's butt too. he touches me a lot more these days... am i being full of myself if i worry that i am to him what marie is to me?

matt let me stay for the extra hour and do the baking isle. i can't decide if i should spell that isle or aisle. i need a synonym for that word so i don't have to worry about it.

i stayed in the break room for a half hour while molly worked, and i did my homework. marie wasn't there, so i had nothing better to do. i finished it. when i decide to do stuff, it's not so bad. i'm just lazy... so now all i have to worry about is the tape and the essay that goes with it.

molly and i came back and ate. i'm going home not this weekend, but next weekend. fly is having a graduation party with katie's sister, and i'm going. i think nikki is going too, so i was talking to her about it on aim, and she ended up calling me and we talked on the phone for about an hour, just catching up. she works 2 jobs and i work 2 jobs and i never see her. we're going to go shopping to get graduation presents thursday night, probably, and i think i'm getting a ride home with her for the party too.

i typed the tape a little. i'm not too tired because i slept in today, but i ought to go to bed so i can get up tomorrow and work on the tape and essay before work. if i finish it by thursday, molly and i are going to the store and i'm going to buy a gamecube, so it can sit next to my playstation 2, getting dusty because i never have time to play it. i think i'm stupid, because it's more of a status thing than anything else. i want to be able to say i have the newest systems with the best games, even if i never have time to play them, just like i own cds i never listen to, and i have way more pairs of nikes than any human needs. i want an xbox too. and a nice car. i should forget everything else and just work on the car...

is it just me, or am i in better moods on days when i don't see marie? and is that weird, since i spend all my spare time on those days wishing i was seeing marie? i must need to re-think something here...

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In the context you used it, I suppose you could say 'row' or 'section'.


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