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(no subject)
jim emailed me. he wants to get together thursday. my 8-page paper plus a transcript of the tape are due friday. it's now tuesday, and i'm not working on it tonight... so i might work on it a little tomorrow, especially if molly and i skip class again, but i don't think i'll come close to finishing... i'll wind up doing it all thursday night, which leaves no time for seeing jim, especially since i'm already going shopping with nikki. but i feel like i'm always saying no to jim... i don't know. i might just ignore the email for a few days, until thursday is over...

i worked at udf today. when i got back, i watched a behind the music on celine dion on vh1 because i didn't want to type the tape or do homework. now i'm going to bed because i have an early class. tomorrow i get to see marie...