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(no subject)
art is stepping down and we got a new office person named kelly. i haven't met her yet. we're also getting a new cashier who is a girl. new girls are exciting.

i don't get to see marie again until monday, and then i don't get to see her again for the rest of that week either.

evan didn't need help in dairy today, which was where i was supposed to be, so they had me up front for a while, and then shakara asked me to do grocery, so molly and i processed the order and i stocked half. i love getting to do different stuff... i want to be a jack of all trades.

jane said today, when i asked about the new kelly, that she was still going to move me and molly into the office. she said she just hasn't got the chance yet, because somebody's always on vacation, or they want me in dairy, or something. she said i really am going to get to move back there.

when marie is around, i hate my job. when she's not, i like it.

matt's replacement talked to chuck (a guy from night crew who always talks to me when i'm helping them out) and tonight, he asked me to stay. i needed to get some sleep, but i figured if i said no now, he might never ask me again, so i said yes.

tomorrow after class, i'm going home for fly's graduation. there are going to be a million relatives and it's going to be crazy. nikki is taking me and i'll be there one night, and i'll be back here saturday night. finals start monday. i have 2 finals monday and i'll be home all weekend and i work 8 hours sunday. after my finals, i work 8 hours monday, 8 hours tuesday, and then i have another final wednesday. i see no time to study, so i'll probably wind up not studying... that's bad. i'm stupid.