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(no subject)
i went to work today, to get my schedule and my paycheck. she scheduled me to work on sunday, until 6. i was supposed to go home sunday morning and come back thursday night... i can't work sunday. she also scheduled me to work 11 p.m.-7 a.m. on friday night, and i can't do that either, because i don't get off at udf until 11. so i went up to the service desk to talk to her.

i was up there, waiting to talk to jane (who was in the office with terrie). this blind guy came up, and asked, 'is this the service desk?'
i told him it was. he said, 'excuse me?' and terrie came out and asked if she could help him. he said, 'yeah, do you have scissors?'
she said, 'yeah, but we can't just give them out.'
he asked, 'what?'
she said, 'well what do you need them for? i can help you cut something.'
he started getting a little upset, and said, 'no, i just need scissors! do you have scissors?'
she starts getting upset too. she tells him, 'but we can't just give them out like that! i'd be happy to help you if you tell me why you need them.'
he answered, 'why should i tell you what i need them for!?'
i thought it would be fun to stand here for a while longer, until the two of them both blew up, but i felt bad for the blind guy, so i interjected, 'you mean you want to buy scissors?'
he said, like it should have been obvious, 'yes!'
she glares at him, like she's wondering why he didn't say that in the first place, and said, 'yes, we SELL scissors. they're in aisle 15,' and then she walked over to the other side of the desk, to help a customer in line.
he said, 'but.. where... i can't... excuse me?'
she ignored him.
he sighed and turned and walked (waving his cane) over to the self-check desk. brad (who is deaf) was watching it for a second while irene ran to do a price check. the blind guy starts talking to brad. brad grunts and points to his ears (how he expresses that he's deaf), but of course the blind guy doesn't see that, and thinks the self-check cashier is grunting at him. he raises his voice and now i can hear him, exclaiming, 'i just want some scissors!'
brad obviously doesn't realize that the guy is deaf, because he takes both hands and points at his ears and shakes his head and grunts some more.
standing across the store, this is one of the funniest scenes i've ever witnessed. the blind guy doesn't realize the deaf guy's deaf and the deaf guy doesn't realize the blind guy's blind. i'm laughing, but i feel bad for laughing at this guy's misfortunes (he had to deal with evil terrie, made worse by the fact that i knew what he wanted and she didn't... maybe tomorrow, she'll start up with the 'loser knows everything's again... and now this...) the poor guy just wants to buy some scissors. i go over there to help him, but irene makes it back, and she does...

anyway, i talk to jane, and she said she had to schedule me sunday. there was nobody else to work. it would be easy for me to call off. i never call off, so they can't hardly get mad at me for it... but marie is working. if i work the shift jane scheduled me for, i'll get to work with marie for 6 hours... otherwise, i'll have to go another week without seeing her, and i've already had to go since monday... i'm stupid. i really am. i'm emailing my parents to see if they can change all their plans around, just so i can see marie... get the chance to touch marie... i think that's wrong.