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(no subject)
i slept through 1 class today. it was an accident, and it's still an improvement over last week.

umm and then i put off studying for a long time. i hung out with molly for a while, and then jenny's boyfriend and emily from down the hall came over and i chilled with them becuase anything is better than studying. and then i went down to jackson's room becuase he's one of the only 2 people i know in the class i have a midterm in tomorrow. (the other one, kelly, i talk to all the time, but she lives in bfe and i needed to make some copies of handouts) i haven't been to that class in a few weeks. so i needed some guidance. i feel guilty of course. i don't really think jackson is too fond of me to begin with, so i usually just don't talk to him at all. so i feel awfully selfish. what can i say? i did talk to him for entirely selfish reasons. hmmm... the more i type about that, the more guilty i feel, so i think i'm going to stop now. it's' study time for loser.

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Wow thats the shortest entry so far lol

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