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(no subject)
here is my long-ass rant of the day:
that new lady, kelly, is no good. nothing against her personally, but i think it's stupid that they brought her in. she knows nothing. maybe she was something at some other store, but here, she doesn't know anything. her store didn't have self-check. her store didn't have a coin machine. her store had a different kind of safe... and apparantly, at her store, they don't need to know how to do math, either.
art stepped down, and i'm not sure why. he was always getting in trouble for little things. i think he stepped down so they would stop picking on him, but i don't have proof of that. i think they should have stopped picking on him and let him do his thing, because at least he knew what was going on... and even if art just decided to step down on his own, they could have promoted somebody who knew something to fill his position, like amit or even marie or michelle. they've been around here long enough to know how things are done... and if kelly wanted the position, they should have brought her here and showed her the ropes while she was in an entry-level position, or something, because it's stupid when half the people in the front end know more than their manager.
so i show up this morning and i'm supposed to be opening self-check. they used to just hand me a till and some money, and i would load it up and set up the bill counts and sign it on and open it. all they had to do was give me the money. they lost some money a few nights, though, so now they make the office opener do all that, and they have to have somebody from managment watch them, and then i just come over and run it when it's ready to go. today the office opener was kelly. i arrive and nothing is set up on self-check. i ask her and she says somebody locked something that wasn't supposed to be locked, so she can't open self-check yet. she tells me to put back the returns. there are no carts in the lobby and there are a million customers in the one line that's open, but i go ahead and listen to her. a half hour later, ann shows up for the day, and i've finished the returns and am bagging, to try and make the line go a little faster, since i don't have a drawer to run on. ann is frantic, and asks kelly why there are no carts and why self-check isn't open and why i'm bagging and what's going on and kelly just stares at her and then starts talking about the something being locked. jamal is a half hour late, and kelly hasn't noticed (that's why we have no carts). ann calls murphy to come up front and get carts and tells kelly to get me a drawer and to call jamal and wake him up. i don't know how they solved the self-check problem, but after i've helped get the lines down, kelly is starting to load the bills in the machines. she asks me if i want to watch. i don't want to sound like a know-it-all (who needs two terries?) so i just say, 'umm, shouldn't you get ann to do that?'
she says oh yeah, that's right, she forgot.
after about 5 minutes, i wander over there to wait. and i wait. and i wait. and she's not even halfway done. it takes her 15 minutes to get all the bills in all the dispensers. i used to be able to get the whole thing up and running in 5 minutes, and it takes her 15 minutes just to load the bills? even on my first day, it didn't take me longer than 5 or 10 minutes...
then art shows up, nearly an hour early. i realize that they called him in because ann doesn't know how to sign on self-check and neither does kelly. i'm upset here too, becuase they could have just asked me...
he shows her how to sign on the stations, and tells her you have to override it, just like you would on a regular register. either she's suffering from temporary amnesia, or she has no idea how to override on a regular register. she asks him what buttons to press for that too, and hits them slowly...
i ask if they set up the bill counts yet. art said he didn't, and turns to kelly. she stares at him blankly. he tells me, 'no,' so i do it because i'm tired of waiting around to open the stupid thing.
she leaves the drawer sitting on the counter because she doesn't know how to open the register and put it in. she walks away. there's fucking $200 in that drawer, and she just leaves it in the middle of the counter... i put it in.
then everything goes ok for a while. i talk to jamal for a long time, and show him some self-check stuff, until some old guy complains that he's not doing anything, and art tells him to bag for the express lane.
later, the coin machine puts up the need assistance message. i'm not a service desk person, so i don't know how to fix it, but i know it involves a special key and opening the back to un-jam it. the lady asks kelly for help. kelly comes out and stares at the machine. then she tries pressing buttons. then she stares some more... then more buttons... i'm wandering around with a broom, and she asks me, 'does this happen often?'
i tell her, 'yeah, there's a key behind the desk somewhere. i don't really know what to do with it, but art fixes it all the time.'
she gets art, and he shows her. how do you suppose art feels? he is training his boss... he stepped down, gave his job to her, but he knows way more than her. i would be upset, that management hires an incompetant lady to replace me, because they basically think that i'm not good enough for the job, and then they make me train my replacement. if i suck so bad, how come i'm so much better at this than her?
then this old lady comes over to the self-check counter with a reciept. she says it charged her too much. it charged her $9 something, and she thinks it should only be 5 something, since all she got was $.79 worth of bananas and 24 cans that were all 10/$2.00. i glance at the reciept, and it took off savings for 24 cans. this means that on one or more of the varieties, it must have taken off the wrong amount. she got 6 different types, so one by one, i mentally subtract the savings from the price, to make sure it's $.20. the one that is wrong is the last of the 6-instead of ringing up on sale for $.20, they rang up on sale for $.79. she could have gotten the wrong size, the wrong type, or the machine could be programmed wrong. i need the can to do a price check.
so i explain, 'your peas are the only thing that didn't ring up 20 cents. do you have them with you?'
she says they're in the car.
i say if she gets them, i can check and make sure-
she cuts me off and says they were all 20 cents.
i tell her we have to check to make sure, anyway, even if she's right, because they can't give her a refund without the barcode to write it up.
she says she shouldn't have to go get it, and she's getting angry. it's early, i have no patience for this, and i have customers on self-check that need help, so i just tell her, 'ok, just go up to the service desk, and tell them that you think the peas rang up wrong.'
she goes up there and talks to kelly. evidently, she gave kelly the long story, instead of explaining that the only problem is the peas, because kelly stared at the receipt for a while. i didn't want to go butt in, because i figured i had already shown her up enough. i really don't want another terrie on my hands. i would just let her figure it out.
so i ran self-check, did a price check, talked to jamal, got a broom and swept up the mess some lady's plant had left... 10 minutes later, i look up there, and the line is huge. art is the only one back there, but the pea lady is waiting off to the side, very impatiently. kelly still hasn't figured out the problem? no way...
i go up and hang casually in the low doorway. this is a normal spot for me to be, so nobody pays much attention, and i listen to michelle and kelly talk in the office.
'yeah, wow... that is definitely 24. it took off savings for all 24 cans.'
'how can that be? it just added in extra money somehow.'
'it's off by a lot...'
'how much?'
looooooooooooong pause.
'ummm... about $3.50.'
'the machine must have added wrong!'
'i've never seen anything like this!'
'let's punch the numbers in and add them ourselves.'
loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong pause.
'it adds up to 9 something here too!'
'what? that's impossible. you must have punched something wrong. here, let me try.'
at this point, i can't take it any more. i call casually, 'hey, are you guys looking at that lady's reciept? i told her to tell you, it's just the peas that are the problem.'
michelle says, 'no, it took off for the peas.'
i say, 'yeah, but not enough.'
kelly says, 'no, they're on here, with savings.'
i hate when i know i'm right, and people won't believe me. 'yeah. they're on there for 85 cents a can. and it took off 6 cents a can. which is 79 cents a can, not 20. 79-20 is 59 and a 59 cent difference times 6 cans is about 3.50, which is about the amount that her total is off by.'
'yeah, about $3.50!' kelly exclaims. the explanation went over her head. she's just glad to hear me say a number that she managed to figure out for herself, so now she brings the reciept to me and says, 'but look, the savings are right here.'
i run through the explanation again, this time pointing as i go. she gets it this time through. she says, 'so i need to give her her money back for 6 cans of peas.'
no. stupid lady. maybe you think the customer is always right, but statistically speaking, the customer is wrong at least 50% of the time. humans (all of them, me too) don't read shelf tags as carefully as they should. you should always double check. i offer, 'well, probably. but maybe she just got the wrong kind. you should probably check to make sure she got the kind that was on sale.'
'ohhhhh! you mean maybe she got no salt added or something, and that was more expensive?'
'yeah,' i tell her.
she goes and tells the lady she needs to see a can of peas. the pea lady says, 'ok,' and goes to get them.
now that makes me fucking mad. kelly can't even do simple math, and it took her 15 minutes to ask the lady for a can of peas, but because she looks mature and is standing behind the service desk, the pea lady won't argue with her. it only took me 2 minutes to arrive at the same conclusion, but because i look like a little kid, she assumes i know nothing. people are dumb.
(the lady had gotten the wrong kind of peas. hers were supposed to be $.79 a can, just like they had rung up.)

ok, i'm done complaining now. well, not really, but i'm done complaining about kelly, anyway.

after 8 hours there, i went to udf. it was supposed to be an 8-hour shift, but peter let me leave an hour early because we were dead. we were so dead that peter and chantaye just sat up front, reading magazines and talking, while i processed and stocked a huge-ass truck becuase peter forgot to order anything for tuesday, so they had to order twice as much for today. normally, i wouldn't mind, but after about 4 hours, it starts to get to me. i woke up at 6, worked 8 hours, came here, worked 4 hours... i'm tired. i'm cranky. it's peter's fault that i'm not done by now, and he and chantaye are sitting on the counter, relaxing and talking about the bruise peter got while he was hanging onto a tree, getting fucked up the ass by some guy he met at a club. (well, ok. i wasn't upset at that exact moment. i was more in shock, because i've never heard anybody talk so bluntly about having sex with somebody of the same sex... but when that conversation was over, i was upset again.)

anyway, it's been a long day. i'm going to bed. in 2 days, i get to see marie... :-/