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my grades
i forgot... i got my grades yesterday. my gpa is something like a 3.3, which is the second lowest gpa i've ever had. my cumulative is still sitting around 3.6, but my parents are not happy. i got an a, an a-, and a b-. i am still trying to figure out how the fuck i pulled off an a in cis. that's the class with the final that i needed to study for... so i went to the library... and spent 2 hours daydreaming about everything but the final. i did not deserve an a in that class. i didn't deserve an a- in womens studies either. i probably deserved that b-. i studied for that final at work, on self-check, for long enough that i should have gotten around a c on it. i probably did, which probably put my total grade at a b-.

i don't know about this... all this... i'm just not motivated. i know it's 'good' to stay in school, but is there really a point? my grades are just going to keep dropping... with the amount of effort i'm putting in, combined with a little bit of luck, i might be able to keep my gpa around a 3.0 at graduation... but why bother? right now, i don't want to use my degree after graduation anyway... and wouldn't it be better to graduate with a higher gpa, later, when i actually want a job? because if i really wanted to get a job, and i really cared about school, i know i could do a lot better... maybe... or maybe i would still sit down to study, and find my mind on everything but the schoolwork. either way, though, why am i still in school now?