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(no subject)
i went to bed a little before noon and got up around 9 p.m. it was dark outside. i caught the bus to work. marie wasn't there and it was dull... i was still inside when the sun rose, and i saw it through the windows. usually, if i'm awake when the sun rises, i'm either tired because i woke up way too early or tired because i stayed up way too late. now, i'm not tired, and i can't decide if it's late or early. and every time i try to figure out if it's morning or night, i get confused all over again.

i waited at the bus stop with tyrone. we talked about video games and music and it was cool.

i'm sick. the sore throat is gone and now i have a runny nose. i HATE runny noses.

i had to clean up everything because once school starts (tomorrow), i won't have any time to do anything. mon-friday, i have school in the morning and work in the evening. saturday i work both jobs. my only free time is going to come sunday morning, and i'll probably wind up sleeping in and missing it. but instead of cleaning or getting ready for school, i played luigi's mansion for almost 3 hours.

is livejournal always this messed up at 11 a.m.? i'm never on now, but i had to hit refresh a million times to get to this page, and i couldn't even log in or go to my friends page... i don't even know if it will take this update...

now it's almost 11 a.m. and i think i should go to bed, but i have no idea how to tell. is it late yet?

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LJ goes through phases.. sometimes i have problems and sometimes i dont..

i am sorry about you not feeling well..

did ya figure out if ya slept enough or not enough..

hope you have a good night.. take care and enjoy school.

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