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(no subject)
i should be sleeping, or maybe doing homework, but i was messing around on the computer instead... i have this wordpad document about my grocery store. it started a few months after i got the job. i realized that i had been there 2 months, and only knew the names of 4 people that i worked with (christine, rhonda, deshawn, jp). i thought that was terrible, and i should do something about it, so i started paying attention, reading nametags, and writing down people. i would put their name, and something about them that would allow me to remember who they were. sometimes it was a physical description, or a first impression, but it was always the first thing that came to mind, because i knew that would help me if i looked back over it later.

(there's also a lot of other strange stuff in this document, which started out as useful things i might need to know (schedules for the next week are posted by thurs at noon), but evolved into being a somewhat humorous list of all my mishaps (you shouldn't try to vault over the side of the cart return if its icy becuase you could slip when you land, and even if nobody saw you, you'd probably feel pretty dumb anyway.), and then evolved into a slightly cryptic way to talk about what had happened with christine (if you get frustrated and toss your name badge onto the register since you cant get the trainee sticker off and then get sent out to do carts, someone nice will take the rest off for you.) (someone nice=christine). and then there's just some completely random stuff on there (this guy named omar used to always shop here and he wore this very nice white suit and always looked professional but now he doesn't shop there any more becuase he killed someone and they found the body in his trunk so now he's in jail.))

anyway, the people list is the only part i still use, and it's got 80-something people on it and growing. i haven't read the whole thing in a while though, and i just did... i'll spare you the entire list, but the ones that interested me:
(christine is number 1 on the list, and she is the only one without a description. i knew i wouldn't need any help to remember her...)
7) marie - girl bagger who scares me
31) kristen - the white dark-haired lady who works behind the service desk, usually during the day i think
32) terrie - the other lady (lighter hair) behind the service desk who i never knew who she was but now i do and she seems average to me.
52) raul - a black stocker who speaks another language and murphy says it might be french, but he doesnt know
53) taysha - raul's sister and she bags

things change... marie used to scare me. terrie used to be average. and taysha used to be raul's sister, instead of him being taysha's brother. (and kristen is only in there so the 'other' in terrie's definition makes sense)