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mmm i want marie...
i got a call from chantaye this morning. she asked me to come in to udf, and i told her i had to catch a bus to work in 5 minutes, so i couldn't.

i went to work and had a lazy day. i went up to get a drawer, but amit was teasing me, and telling me he was going to make me run self-check, so he wouldn't give me a drawer. alyssa was on self-check. i ended up just going back and forth and talking to the two of them for a while, on the clock. after about a half hour, marie arrived, and put her arm around me and asked if i was mad at her from yesterday, and i put my arm around her and said yes. then she turned around and put her arm around me and dragged me by the neck back into the low doorway. while we were still standing like that, with me facing out and her facing in, leaning into each other and her arm around me, chantaye came by. she raised an eyebrow at us and said bye to me. i said bye, and i wondered if she's going to run back to udf and tell them all what she saw, and i wonder if she thinks anything of it...

molly worked late tonight, til 3 a.m. it's sunday so i had no ride home. i was going to wait til 3 a.m., and i said something about that to art, while marie was there. art said marie would take me home. marie sort of agreed, but we never really said for sure.

i stood around and talked to marie for a while, and then finally, kelly told me to put back some returns, so i did, and then they called me back up front to take over for anthony. i worked for a while. later, i took a break from working again, and chased alyssa around with a squirt bottle (she started it). we made a wet mess on the floor and some lady slipped and alyssa and i both thought we were going to get in trouble, because the lady was pointing at us as she complained to ann. luckily, all she was saying (i found out from marie) was that we were both standing right there, and we hadn't helped her up. (i hadn't because she wasn't old and she looked capable, and i hate having attention drawn to myself when i slip.) nobody besides rashid and marie knew that alyssa and i were responsible for the water on the floor, and they kept their mouths shut. lucky us... so from then on out, i felt guilty and i was a pretty good worker.

i bought some ice cream on my break, and marie made me come up to the service desk and give her some. it was cherry, and she said, 'i don't like cherries.' she ate around the cherries. molly arrived as she said this. marie winked at scott, and repeated, 'i don't like cherries. i like strawberries.' molly and i looked at her in confusion, because we knew there was some hidden meaning, but we didn't know what. marie said, 'scott knows what i mean...'
molly and i were on the same page with the cherry thing, but neither of us had ever heard of strawberries... marie kept talking, about how she didn't like the taste of cherries, and strawberries taste so much better... i'm thinking, damn, i gotta find somebody who knows all this slang stuff... where's jay when i need her?

but later, when molly and scott are gone, and i ask her about strawberries again, she says, 'it's just that strawberries are a sensual fruit. you know, like strawberries and chocolate... it's sensual.'
and i wonder if my assumption for cherry was way off, and she was just talking about eating fruit the entire time...

on my next break, i go to find molly (she's stocking tonight), to tell her that marie might take me home. when i do, jim finds me, and murphy comes with him. i sit on some boxes and take a 25-minute break, and then i go to the bathroom, and then i come back up and clock in. dana gives me a mean look and tells me to go get a drawer. i go to get one, but marie's up there, and instead i wrestle with her a little, and talk to her. i tell her jim's here, and she sees him and calls him over. we're both in the low doorway, on opposite sides of the door, facing out, but leaning towards each other so our shoulders are touching. she puts her head on my shoulder as she talks to him, and i rest my head on hers. murphy comes over, and then kelly comes over, and all 5 of us are talking while marie and are are still touching like that. i wonder if it looks like it feels as good as it actually feels... can they tell? marie and jim talk about jim's roommate, and how marie was supposed to be dating him. this time, i ask, 'how were you supposed to be dating him? i thought you were supposed to be dating that army boy.'
she answers, 'well, i'm sort of dating a lot of...'
she doesn't finish, but the christine in my head answers my question for me: marie's bi. she's a ho. yep, she called it.
we talk for about 5 minutes, and i notice dana giving me a dirty look, so i finally ask for a drawer.

i work for a while. molly comes over and asks if marie's taking me home, and i tell her i don't know for sure. 5 minutes later, marie calls me on the intercom, and tells me, 'if you want me to take you home, you better remind me next time, so i don't look like an idiot when molly asks me and i've forgotten all about it.' i have no idea what's going on. with a little help from her, though, i figure out that molly was going to wait, and take both her breaks together, when i get off, just to take me home, if marie wasn't going to give me a ride. she wanted to know then so she would know if she could take a break then, or if she should wait. so she asked marie. and now i'm getting a ride home from marie...

alyssa goes home and i close self-check and bring up the drawer. i wander around with rashid for a while, and then we go over by the office and i climb up on the door. marie sees me and says, 'get down!' i jump down, and she offers, 'there's a stool in here.' i don't move, so she commands, 'come here.'
i come.
'sit,' she says
i sit.
'stay,' she commands.
i stay.
'good dog,' i say.
she and kelly laugh.
the stool she has me in is right behind her. like, when she counts money, i have a perfect view of her back... i can stare and she won't even see. her hair is down and her pants are tight, and i am horny. they talk to me while they work, and when they move from task to task, marie comes by me and rubs my back or my head. once, she gives me a hug, and tells kelly that she loves me, and then kisses my hair. my scalp burns from her lips... later, she has me scratch her back, and after i scratch a while, i take my hands off her back and start running them through her hair. she lets me. i want her... but if she does all this stuff in front of kelly or jim or whoever, doesn't that mean it's nothing to her?

she takes me home, but it's an uneventful ride. brian mcknight sings love of my life over the radio. sitting in the office while she counted the money, i had this wonderful fantasy where she asks to see my place, and she comes inside and we go to the bedroom and ease onto the bed and i get to touch all the places i've been staring at... but in real life, she just drops me off and says bye and goes, and i come inside just aching for her touch.

and i still ache. i want her fucking body. i stared at her back for so long that i practically have it memorized. every curve of her body... and i love it all. does she look that much different than she did a year ago, or is it just me? she was a minger then, and right about now, she's the nicest looking girl i've ever seen... those legs... that waist... that ass... her back... her hair... damn, i'm fucking horny. i have class in 8 hours, and i have homework due. i haven't started the homework. i can't think about it. i stare at the numbers and i see marie's ass... maybe i'll go to bed, get up early, and do it tomorrow... i'll be lucky to wake up, on only 4 hours of sleep... how do i always wind up doing this to myself?