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(no subject)
my babies
when it's all said and done, what's the real difference between a dream and a memory?

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deep thoughts...

I guess a dream becomes a memory too...the only difference is you know the dream actually didn't happen? This may or may not matter depending on the situation...but, say, if you had a dream of having killed someone vs. a memory of having killed someone, that could make a very real difference in real life :p

Ha, yeah, I guess I was only thinking of good dreams and good memories when I wrote this... I had this amazing dream about Jessica or hot chelsey and I spent days reliving it and enjoying it... It made me wonder why I try so hard to spend time with hot girls and have good things happen (like getting them to touch me) when those moments are just as fleeting as dreams, and in the end, looking back on either makes me happy. Why don't I just spend more time sleeping??

yeah, and I think partially due to this entry/the comment I wrote, last night I had a dream about heather for the first time ever, ugh! I dreamt that she came back to me and we were just hanging out and it was fantastic and I was 100% happy as can be, and then I woke up and of course it was not true so I was depressed. But let's be real, the dream was better than anytime we ever actually hung out in real life bc I was not overanalyzing anything in the dream so YES, I wish I could just live in a dream forever! This is sad!!!

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