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(no subject)
i have three classes this quarter. in two of them, i have done absolutely no work so far this quarter. i have a math (the one class i've done work for) midterm on friday... i ought to study, but i find ways to put it off. tomorrow, i work, and when i get home, i'll probably go to bed, and i probably won't study before i wake up for the test... so unless i study tomorrow morning, i won't study at all. why is it best for me to stay in school? (besides because christine said to do it)

i was walking to the bus stop, and alyssa and amit were driving somewhere. they gave me a ride to work.

marie was there, being marie... talking, smiling, touching... offering to say 'fuck' for me... and telling me to bring her a milkshake saturday (the next time i'll see her). some days, she gets to me worse than others. today, it wasn't that bad. her touch feels good, but there's more to life than touching girls... isn't there?

jane told me she was glad i worked here, and that i brightened her day. it reminded me of christine... i miss christine.

my big complaint of the day is alana. supposedly, she lives with me, but i haven't seen her in almost 2 weeks. we're pretty much on opposite schedules, and she spends a lot of time at her boyfriend's. i sort of missed seeing alana, and getting to talk to her...
but today, molly and i finally figured out why our house can't maintain a constant temperature. it's because every time alana leaves, she sets the temperature at 85 or higher, so the air turns off. then molly or i have to turn it back down when we notice. when alana comes in again (according to molly; like i said, i'm never there), she leaves it down for the whole time she's in the house, but when she leaves, she turns it up again. she turns it up while i'm sleeping, and i wake up sweating, and have to go turn it back down. she turns it up while we're gone, and when we get home, it takes an hour for the house to cool down again. i cannot figure out why she's doing it, unless she's doing it just to annoy us. it doesn't save any energy, really, because when molly and i turn it back down, it runs for an hour straight, and has to work twice as hard. and clearly, it's not like she thinks the air conditioning is unneccesary, because she always has it on when she's around. as far as i can tell, she must be doing it just to bother one or both of us. i guess i should talk to her before i go jumping to conclusions, but i'm prepared to be mad about this...

i'm sleepy. hopefully, i'll wake up in plenty of time to get a little studying in tomorrow before work...