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my hand
do you remember the song like all i wanna do is make love to you from back in the day? i was just a kid when i heard this song, but i thought it was sweet and romantic...

i just listened to it again, for the first time since maybe the early 90s... and it's totally about a one-night stand!!! catchy, nonetheless, but much less romantic than i'd thought for the past 20 years!!

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haha i actually liked that one too... but my dad listened to that all the time, so it was kind of his fault! and his best friend was obsessed with 'paradise by the dashboard light', so he and i would sing that one back and forth all the time, the part about 'we're gunna go all the way tonight, we're gunna go all the way, tonight's the night'... i bet his friend encouraged me just to torture him lol!

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