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(no subject)
instead of studying, i slept 11.5 wonderful hours. then i went to work, where i was coordinator (for the first time in my life) and self-check. doing one or the other might have given me time to study a little, but doing both pretty much shot any chance i had to learn math.

i was talking to amit and alyssa, and amit and i were fighting with pens, trying to write on each other's arms. he exclaimed, pointing to the door, 'look, it's marie!'
i realized (after i turned to look) that it was an attempt to distract me, so he could write on my arm. marie wasn't here today, and she hadn't really walked in the door, as he wanted me to believe. i wonder if it was a coincidence that marie was the person he used, or if he can tell that i'm obsessed with her, and knew that she was the one i'd be most likely to look for...

a lot later, jim came in to visit. i talked to him and rashid for a while, and then it was just me and jim. he told me terrie has a significant other now (i'm pretty sure it's the same girl who brought her wendy's a while back). he talked about where he lived, and he asked me if raul still worked here. i said yeah, but taysha (his sister) quit. he asked why. i'm still mad that she quit, so i answered scornfully, 'because she's stupid.'
he smiled and asked, 'do i detect a little crush here?'
i stammered 'uh-um-uh' and felt my face turn about a million shades of red.
he quickly added, 'i'm just kidding,' and changed the subject.
jim is great.

josephine needed a ride home, so i said i'd take her (i had molly's car). it took her 30 minutes to get ready to leave. i didn't get home until after midnight. then i talked to molly, ate, and now i'm going to bed. i'm going to need a lot of luck on the midterm...