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i don't mind straight people, as long as they act gay in public
i slept too long. the midterm was at 10:30, and it takes 15 minutes to walk there. at 10:10, molly noticed i was still sleeping, and came in to wake me up. i threw on some clothes and ran there, and i made it in time. i had planned to get up early and at least run through a 5-minute review, but i didn't even have time to look over my notes on the way to class...

i think i did fine, though. i'm not sure... but i think i figured out how to do the problems as i took the test... like one question was 'prove that blah is linearly independant' and then a few questions later, the question was 'are blah and blah linearly dependant?' i had no idea what 'linearly dependant' meant because i had skipped that class and not done the homework, but i played around with the 'prove' question until i had a pretty good idea of what it might mean, and then i tackled the other one, and i think i figured it out. there were a few other questions like that, too, where the combination of two questions helped me figure out the answer to one or both of the questions. i guess i'll see when i get it back, but i think i should be ok.

i went to my next class, but the air conditioning was broken and i wasn't in the mood to sweat, so i left before it even started. i have a quiz on monday.

i went to udf. i worked in the cooler for 6 hours straight, because we have rear-loading coolers, and the vendors (who brought the stuff in 2 days ago) had stacked it all right in front of the place you need to load it, blocking the entire cooler completely off. because of this, nobody had stocked the cooler in 2 days. it was a mess... but i didn't mind. honestly, i was well-rested, and when i made trips out to the dumpster and saw chantaye just sitting around up front, leafing through a magazine and half-heartedly dusting countertops, i was glad i wasn't her. i like having work to do.

after the 6 hours, i took a break. i was sitting in the back, eating raw ramen noodles, and i was watching the security cameras because there's not much else to look at. chantaye was busy with a few customers, and i saw a guy and a girl with a large purse in the haba aisle. he stood around looking at stuff, and she took a thing of medicine off the shelf, and then dropped it on the ground. when she bent down to pick it up, she stuck it in her purse. i did a double-take, because i was sure i had imagined that. but then she did the exact same thing, again. and then she got a little more bold, and just grabbed a handful of medicine off the shelf and shoved it straight into her purse, and the whole time, the guy just stood there, looking around. i stared at the screen, sure i must be confused... she took one more handful, shoved it in her purse, and then they both headed back to the freshly stocked cooler.
i didn't know what to do, so i jumped up and ran out front and started stammering to chantaye, 'hey, that girl took stuff, her purse, the medicine, the-'
and then the girl came up front and i stopped talking. chantaye didn't know what i was talking about, and asked me to repeat myself, but i didn't feel like i should tell her with the girl standing right there... the girl asks her, 'is there tax on this pop?'
chantaye says yeah, and turns back to me, and i'm trying to figure out how i can tell her without having the girl know... i can't, and the girl can tell there's something wrong with me. she shoves her money at the guy, says, 'pay for this; i have to go check something,' and goes back to the cooler. a minute later, she comes back up front and takes her pop and change from the guy.
i realize that she probably figured out that i knew she had taken it, and she probably just put it back. i also know that by the time i check, she will be long gone, and if she didn't put it back, it will be gone. i should have said something earlier, but now i just take a stab at it and ask, 'are you going to pay for the stuff in your purse?'
she tells me angrily, 'there's nothing in my purse,' and shows me. there's not.
i smile and tell her, 'good, i'm glad you decided to put it back.'
the girl glares at me, like i'm a liar for calling her a thief, and leaves with the guy.
chantaye (and the rest of the customers in line) also think i'm a liar for calling her a thief. i go back to the cooler, and sure enough, shoved in between 2 2-liters of pop is a stack of medicine... i bring it up and show chantaye, and i explain what happened. neither of us know what the proper procedure is for this situation... but we figure as long as she didn't take it, we're ok... it's not fair that the girl gets away, though, because she would have taken it if i hadn't come out of the back and scared her...
(just for fun, we ring all the medicine up, and it's about $70 that she would have stolen.)

i come home and molly is on an anti-god kick, and is searching websites for bumper stickers. she sends me 'the good ones' (there are 4). three are anti-god, and the 4th is:
i don't mind straight people, as long as they act gay in public.
she says she thinks it's funny. i do too. i also think it's a good sign that she thinks it's funny...

molly worked at the grocery store tonight, and after she tells me about the evil customers, she tells me that she likes marie, because marie gives her free food and is nice to her. i mumble that i don't and i do. she adds, 'but i bet it annoys some people that she touches people so much.'
i agree. it annoys me, that she touches everybody else so much. i want to be the only one...

tomorrow, i work both jobs, and i promised marie a melted milkshake...