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(no subject)
in the past few days i:

touched marie

thought about marie

hugged marie

got another lighter from marie

wished marie would take an interest in me...

got back my math midterm. 86/100. i missed 13 points on one problem because i misunderstood the directions. i still misunderstand the directions. i'm convinced that if he wanted the answer he says he wanted, he asked the wrong question. but the class average was a 70% and we get curved up, so i'm not complaining. i don't deserve the grade i got as it is.

did a lot of homework (tonight) to make up for the stuff i haven't done.

hung out with alana and her boyfriend, playing tetris on my ps2 for hours.

stopped in at udf to pick up my paycheck, and got praise showered all over me for the excellent job i did in the cooler. not just susan, this time. the regional manager was there also, telling me that she's amazed that somebody actually organized that huge mess in one shift. and they're both mad at my grocery store for 'not letting me' step down to 20 hours so i can work 40 hours a week at udf. i didn't mean for them to believe a complete lie...

that's it. i'm going to sleep now, and it'll probably be at least 8 hours... wow... miracles do happen...