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(no subject)
i went to class. i hate class.

i went to work, and marie was there...
i was in the low doorway, and marie and teena were on the other side. i forget what we were talking about, but marie said to me, 'we ought to find you a boyfriend.'
i ask slowly, 'why would you do that?'
she laughed and asked, 'what, don't you like boys? boys are yucky?'
i joked, 'yeah, boys have cooties,' and then i quickly changed the subject, pointing to a pile of slips and asking, 'who sold all these?'

at one point, she took the policeman's handcuffs, and put me in them. she put them on tight, and by the time we got them off, i had marks on my wrists. i helped some people on self-check, and went in the doorway of the office. she was close to the door and teena was in the office. i rested my arm on the wall, and she looked at the red marks, and reached out and stroked my arm. she was lightly tracing her fingertips up and down my wrist when helen came in to ask about her break. she stared at us. marie didn't stop rubbing. i can practically see the thoughts running through helen's mind... does this mean what i think it means? isn't there a logical explanation for this? she says slowly, 'uhhh... i could start some rumors...'
she wants somebody to explain that there's a good reason for marie to be touching me so gently, so marie gives her one: 'i put her in handcuffs and it hurt her arm.'
teena offers, 'i'll bet you can start some even better rumors with that information...'
we all laugh, but helen is content now, thinking that there's nothing sexual. i'm content, too, because marie's still rubbing my arm.

nearly a half hour later, there were still marks on my wrists. i went back to the door of the office and held out my left wrist (the worst one), so she could see the marks, and looked at her. she took my hand, pulled it towards her, and kissed my wrist. teena did a double-take. this situation had become slightly uncomfortable (for every part of me except for my wrist), so i politely told her, 'thank you,' and rushed back over to self-check. i can hear her trying to explain herself to teena, saying something like 'holding it out just like a little kid,' and i hear teena say something about, 'but she's not a little kid...'

she asks me how i'm getting home, and i tell her the bus. i always catch the bus when i'm off at this time, but she tells me she doesn't like me taking the bus, because she worries about me... and she asks if i want a ride. i say no. she's off later than me, and the bus will actually get me home a few minutes faster than her... plus, the bus won't have to go out of its way... i go get my stuff from the break room, and when i come back down, she's waiting for me, and she asks me to please let her take me home, and she'll give me a fun toy to play with while i wait, and i can entertain her... i tell her i'm not entertaining, and she says i am to her, no matter what. she gives me a balloon. i don't have any idea what's going on, but she's begging me to stay, and she looks good, so i do.

she gives me an indian burn on my left arm, and when it turns red, she has me come over to her, and she kisses it too. is she hurting me just to kiss me? or is this just more of her sadistic tendencies? she likes to see me suffer, physically and mentally? crazy. this whole situation is crazy. tomorrow i see her, and after that, i get a 10-day break... i think it will be good for me...

in other news... well, there is no other news. right now, my life is busy revolving around her... maybe tomorrow, i'll have something to say besides 'marie.'