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the internet ate my life
i think i've spent like 10 hours on the internet today and somehow it is after 5 a.m. right now. but i found two really fascinating stories and my desire for more information has been insatiable!

did you ever hear about the 19-year-old girl who posed as multiple boys in order to date a 15 and 16-year-old girl? as a girl, she was friends with both of the younger girls... and then as one boy, she dated the one girl, and as another boy, she dated the second girl, all at the same time! so she was like three people at once! this went on for months, and then when they found out, she eventually went to jail for fraud and assault!
it seems as though at least one of the younger girls (and possibly both) consented to the sex with the boy, when they thought it was a boy. it was only after they realized the boy was actually a girl that they were upset about having had sex with her. i guess the assault conviction was because of the age difference too, but it kind of disturbs me because what is the limit for consensual sex over there? if this was actually a 19-year-old boy having consensual sex with a 16-year-old girl, would the boy have received such a harsh prison sentence?
i don't believe the 19-year-old was FTM (i actually found a surprising lack of detail on the 19-year-old--only a report that she was later diagnosed with ADD and some level of autism), but what if she was? or what if she'd been intersexed? or what if the girls were legal and the 19-year-old had been 22, but had said she was 19? is all of this 'fraud' and punishable by law??
i read like a million articles on this today, but here's one with a basic summary, if you're interested...

also today, i found out that in 1972, there was a plane crash in the andes and the survivors were stranded on the mountain for months, eventually keeping alive only by eating the flesh of the dead! did you know this?? this sounded horrifying at first, but the more i read about it, the more brave and courageous these people seemed, and the more inspirational their tale became...
wikipedia tells the story well here, but when i am allowed to walk again, i think i'd like to go to the library and get the book written by one of the two survivors who spent days hiking out of the mountains and finding a rescuer for the group.

and now i need to go to bed for real...

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They actually made a movie about the 1972 incident.. I wish I could remember the name tho...

The movie was called Alive.

I remember hearing about the plane crash and the movie about it. The other story sound really strange and even with that write up, it seems like a lot of details are missing!

Wow, what a story. I'm guessing it happened in England since it was from the BBC? I know here, age of consent varies from state. I had to find out from PA when I found out my 16-year-old client was dating a 21-year-old!! Here, it's 16...but if he was 15 and they were more than 4 years apart, I believe, then it was illegal. Then I was confused about the girls having sex with the 19 yo and not realizing there wasn't a real penis? Unless they had oral...

And I also knew about the plane crash...they made a movie about it, I'm thinking around 1992 or 93, called Alive...I've never seen it but you should check it out!

i think they did have oral, but also in one article, it mentioned that the older girl's bag contained a small pink dildo?? so somehow she maybe snuck that in there without them noticing??? so fully clothed, all the way down to the hat she refuses to take off, and using a small pink dildo, and the kids don't notice ANY of that?? i get that they're young and it's their first experience with sex, but i like to think that if i was in a relationship with somebody for that long and we were having sex on the regular, i'd at least get a look at the private area once or twice, even if i didn't want to see it!!

Yeah, I would think they would get kind of suspicious of that! And a real and a fake definitely feel different...even if they were virgins, I would think they would notice that! Actually, I dated a guy who would not take any clothes off in front of me...not even a shirt (Kevin #2)....we didn't date too long but I was still suspicious. He ended it, and I would joke maybe he had a third nipple or other body parts he did not want me to see haha.

I watched a movie called 'Boys Don't Cry' once, and it was pretty much the girl posing as a boy story. I don't know if it was actually based off of a true story or not, but it sounds just like what you described!

'Boys Don't Cry' is a true story but in that case it was actually about a transgendered man...who ended up getting killed :(

I had vaguely heard about that first girl but had never read an article about it all. That's pretty nuts! The age of consent is 16 over here (in the UK, where this took place), and I can't say I've ever heard of an 18/19/even 20 year old guy getting punished for having sex with a 16 year old. I mean... after all, they're legally consenting. That is all kind of weird... Although there was a 15 year old involved too I suppose. That would cause trouble for either gender.

I also heard about that 1972 thing! I've read a LOT of scary stories and stuff based off that, haha. I can't imagine doing that, but they literally had no choice.

Edited at 2012-11-30 01:36 am (UTC)

I actually watched the movie about that plane crash in my anthropology class about Death in college. Its really interesting because they kept the bodies of the deceased face down so that they didnt necessarily know who they were consuming to stay alive. Age of consent in IL is about 17 or 18 i want to say. And the answer is yes, the boy would have received the same punishment. the fraud is for impersonating someone, that wouldnt apply to a boy in this particular case, but statutory rape, assault.

oh, i didn't know that... did it show how they ate the people? i tried to look this up too, but couldn't find it anywhere... maybe it's a morbid question, but how did they get the body apart, and then what'd they do, just eat it raw??

(disclaimer: i swear i have no interest in eating any part of a human body, ever! i was just really curious...)

Well discovery or nat geo (i think nat geo) did a show about this too. In the movie they had the bodies flipped on their stomachs and had used a large thick piece of glass to cut into the bodies. Im sure if you look for articles about it, like anthropological findings in Andes plane crash,etc that might help you more. Because they are going to examine the behavior and rituals that happened on the mountain.
Something of interest to you might also be the remains of the climbers on mt. everest. Because of the physical work it would take to bring the bodies back they are left there, and some are used as landmarks, and others are just there. Its interesting.

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