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(no subject)
i accidentally slept through my entire udf shift this morning. nobody cared.

i made it to the grocery store on time. rashid wanted to know about the night at marie's, and i told him that marie wouldn't give up about the 'first marie then terrie' thing, so i finally told her, and i told him how i sort of lied about who said it, even though it wasn't my fault. i said i only told her because she threatened to make me sleep on the couch, so he asked where i did sleep, so i told him... he laughed and asked, 'so, now that you've got marie out of the way, are you ready for terrie?'
we both laughed, and i clarified that we just slept...

he says actually, my list should go molly, then marie, then terrie, according to the produce kid. i told him it doesn't. he kept wandering around saying that, and somehow, alyssa heard us talking and figured something out, because she tells me, 'so, i heard you slept with somebody the other night...'
i don't ever bother to deny it when she jokes about me having aids, so i don't bother to deny this one either. but later, when she brings it up again, i clarify that i didn't sleep with anybody... she laughs and says, 'that's not what i heard...'
she's joking, so i go back to joking about that. this is all fine and good... i mean, i don't care if alyssa and rashid are having fun with it, just like they have fun joking about aids and everything... they know it's not true. i just hope that they get over it in 9 days, because if marie comes back and hears us all joking around about how i slept with her... well, i'm not sure what would happen, but i don't really think it would be a good thing.

malik is quitting. he turned in his 2 weeks notice today... rashid and i are sad, and we try to talk him out of it, but he won't listen.

tonight is a fun night. alyssa leaves, and me and malik and rashid start joking, and amit joins in, and kiera comes up front, and at one point, me, malik, rashid, amit, kiera, tasha, and molly are all standing in a circle, just cracking up. i can't even explain what was funny, because it involves a lot of hand motions, but it was hilarious, and i was a part of it... like, malik and i were actually the center. it was fun. we had fun.

academically, i'm probably in trouble. i skipped math class thursday and friday, and so far, i haven't even attempted to understand the material that we covered. i haven't tried to do the homework that was due friday, or the two assignments due monday. my understanding of the material is non-existant, which will show on the midterm. my homework portion of my grade is low. and the attendance portion of my grade isn't doing so well either. logic tells me that since i won't see marie this week, i can make up for it, by getting to bed on time, and working on homework. but it won't happen... i'm going to wake up in time for work tomorrow, and if i stay up doing homework, i'll probably sleep through math class again. it's a no-win situation...

i slept with marie's shirt last night. it's in my lap right now, and i stop typing periodically, and pick it up and bury my face in it. it smells good... but it's wearing off... how do you preserve a smell?

things i forgot last night: when we were wrestling jeff for pillows, marie shoved a 20 dollar bill in my underwear. she had taken it out of my pocket.

the next morning, marie said something about wanting to get drunk last night, but staying sober to pick me up because 'jeffy really wanted you to come.'

she showered in the morning, and i was in the living room watching tv. she got all dressed, except for her pants. she came out to the living room with her jeans around her ankles, and put them on in front of me. i tried not to watch, but i wonder why she wouldn't put them on in her room if she didn't want me to watch...