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(no subject)
7 days until the return of marie, and alyssa still hasn't forgotten about the 'sleeping with marie' joke. she was joking about aids, and then straight into asking if i got it from sleeping with marie and jeff.

it's ok. i don't mind... but if she's not going to be over it by the time marie gets back, that could be bad... so i decide that if there are going to be rumors going around when marie gets back, they had better be a bit more unbelievable than this... i mean, depending on who you tell, people could think that i slept with marie. but if it was something a little more unrealistic, like me and marie slept with two elephants and a monkey before getting abducted by aliens, then anybody would know it was a joke... and marie would be less likely to mind... so i tell rashid that actually, there were 7 of us in the bed, and there was this weird kinky guy with 3 legs... i make up all sorts of stuff, and then he says something to alyssa, and they ask me how all those people ended up in marie's bed. i say that we just went outside and walked up and down the street, telling people that there was a party in marie's bed.
alyssa says, 'ok, that just sounds bad. i mean, everybody knows that you wouldn't do any of that... but when you start talking about marie inviting people to a party in her bed... that's nearly believable... i mean, marie... yeah, that sounds bad. you should probably stop that...'
so i do... but i don't like that it's easier to believe that marie would sleep with 7 random people at once than it is to believe that she would sleep with me.

terrie said she was glad that molly and i were here, because we were fast.

rashid said once, a while ago, when we were talking to malik, that he was going to go home and sleep with his brother. i decided that as long as he's making fun of me for sleeping with marie, i'm going to make fun of him for sleeping with his brother. for the rest of the night, we went back and forth. as he was leaving for the day, we were talking about my midterms and stuff, and he asked how i was going to find time to sleep with marie. i said that between all his jobs, would he be able to find time to sleep with his brother?
alyssa said, 'ok, you guys are getting out of control. you need to stop that...'

rashid went home, and i worked with alyssa for 2 more hours. she joked a little about aids, but never once brought up sleeping with marie. hopefully, she's over it. hopefully, nobody else paid any attention to rashid. and i know rashid will never talk to marie, because he can't stand her...

i need to get a birthday present for brandy. i won't see her for a month or so, but her birthday was over 3 weeks ago, and i feel guilty for not having one.

school... yeah, the outlook is bad. tuesday is my day off and i better do a lot of studying...