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(no subject)
i went to class, and went to work. alyssa was there and said nothing about me sleeping with anybody. i think i'm ok.

wednesday is a midterm. i'll study tomorrow.

marie's shirt barely smells like her any more...

old news:
jeff quit. i don't know if i mentioned it or not, but he quit about a week ago, which is too bad.

on friday (the day after i slept at marie's), marie worked with molly. molly came home and said that marie had told her all sorts of stuff about me. like, stuff that molly already knew, about my soccer ball on the roof, and breaking the elevators, and climbing the walls... but basically, everything i discussed with marie while i followed her around in the morning got relayed to molly. i asked casually if marie had said anything about rashid or terrie, and molly asked, 'no, what about rashid and terrie?'
i said, 'nothing.'
so i don't know why marie wants to tell molly that stuff about me... and i don't know why she didn't tell molly about terrie. i sort of hoped that she was drunk enough that she wouldn't remember, but i know she wasn't, because she remembered the 8-person solitare discussion, and that happened an hour earlier, and she had already stopped drinking. so she certainly didn't get any drunker in that hour. maybe she thinks it's important, and not something she should repeat. or maybe she thinks that discussion was insignificant, because she didn't talk to me about it the next morning, and she didn't repeat it to molly... i don't know. 6 more days until marie comes back...