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i'm in a good mood, so i thought i'd share :-).

yesterday was a good terrie day, and it was a good day in general. i brought some math notes to work, and terrie and i took turns running self-check. i memorized some math stuff while i was running it, and she joked about learning math for me, too.

9 policecars, an ambulence, and a tv camera crew came to our store for a shoplifter. they thought he was the same guy who robbed a convenience store earlier in the day, but i guess he wasn't. it was exciting, and it gave all of us something to bond over. (nobody was hurt, except for the guy who stole the stuff. he got a little scratched up because he tried to run away, and they had to chase him, and he struggled, so they ended up knocking him down and he got a little bloody. but if you're stupid enough to steal stuff, and then to try and run, i don't feel too bad for you.)

it did give me something to think about, though. terrie said that it would have never happened if the officer on duty had been standing where he was supposed to stand (by the door) because the guy wouldn't have tried to steal the stuff if he had seen the policeman. instead, the policeman was all the way over at the end of the registers, talking to the cashiers, and the thief had a clear shot at the door. she's right, but the first thing that enters my mind is that it's a good thing that the cop wasn't where he was supposed to be. she says that doesn't make any sense.
it does to me, but i can't quite figure out why. i try to explain it to her, but i don't do a good job.
i think that if you're the type of person who would steal, it's not just a one-time thing. if the cop had been where he was supposed to be, then the guy wouldn't have stolen from us tonight, but he probably would eventually have tried to steal something else from somebody else, and maybe then he wouldn't have gotten caught. so it's good that the cop wasn't where he was supposed to be, because that allowed the guy to try and steal, which got him caught, and bad guys deserve to be caught.
terrie's still mad at the policeman, because she says he never does his job, just distracts our workers.

in the evening, ann sent me back to help night stock. i had to come back up and close self-check when terrie went home, so i was only back there for 45 minutes, but i did 2 carts of backstock, and loaded the leftovers onto one cart and cleaned everything up. i was proud of myself, and it was only the 3rd time i've actually gotten to stock, instead of just face. it was fun!

i went straight to bed, and got 9 hours of sleep. i woke up about 5 minutes before my alarm rang, all by myself, and i felt completely well-rested. i studied my math notes on the way to class... i was worried, because i knew i hadn't studied half as much as i should have... but i think the test went fine. before, i was concerned about passing, but now, i'm hoping i got a 94% or higher, because that means i don't have to take the final... i'm trying not to get my hopes up, but i think i might have made it... i would LOVE to get to skip that final.

i went to my next class and got back the midterm that i took on wednesday... 96% it was the highest grade in the class. i don't know how i pulled that off, but i'm not complaining.

i feel free and relaxed and just plain good. my next midterm isn't until next thursday, and i don't think it should be bad. plus, jane gave me a funny schedule for wednesday, and i'm going to have 2 hours to study then. i get to see marie in less exactly 50 hours, which is practically no time at all. i just got the biggest paycheck of my life (because they credited me for 16 hours that they forgot to pay me before). i am wide awake. in an hour and a half, i get to go to udf, and i know we got a big truck in, and i'm going to get to do it all... and i can't wait! i love boxes of color-coded gatorade and neat lines of sugar and jelly and cereal and laundry detergent... maybe i'll go early, and see if she'll let me clock in and get a head start. i'm a dork and i love it. :-)


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