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(no subject)
i accidentally shaved the same leg twice when i showered last night. by the time i realized it this morning, i didn't have time to shave the other one, and it was too hot to wear pants... so i went to classes with one hairy leg and one razor-burnt leg. yep, you gotta love being a girl...

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*Off to comb my monstrously hairy legs*

i don't have hair on my legs, at least not enough to shave though sense I am anti anything traditional I pobably wouldn't anyway. didn't shave my pubichair til I was 18,hmmmm guess that should go in the TMI live journal.

oh yeah I think that if Terrie thinks about your sexuality at all she probably thinks you are asexual. which basically sums up to know real sexual preference or identity. (personay i think that is better than her thinking you are straight)


well that's a new one... asexual? why would she think that?

when you see a little boy goofing off you don't really think of him in terms o sexuality. You just think "that little bastard is acting like an ass." Well this is not to say that you are a little bastard an ass or even a little boy but the same rule may apply.

You say Terrie makes you turn 7 or she just happens to appear a lot when you are 7 but either way she gets the brunt of 7 more than the she sees D. This being the case as much as you hate it she probably identifies with you more as 7 than as D and while D is a lesbian 7 is a child and children, in most people's eyes, have no sexual identity. There was another way to explain that but I have to go....


what you just described, that's what i worry that marie thinks...

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