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instead of studying for the midterm i have in 30 minutes, i'm writing this.
yesterday at work, maxwell came on over the speakers. i pointed at the ceiling and exclaimed, 'maxwell!'
molly remarks, from 3 registers over, 'maxwell sucks.'
i argue, 'awww, shut up. maxwell is great. i love maxwell.'
terrie pokes her head out of the office and asks, 'yeah, but do you even have any of his cds?'
i tell her, 'yeah, i have all 4.'
she answers, 'ok, then you can love him. i love maxwell.'
i challenge, 'i bet i love him more.'
'no, i love him more,' she replies.
'i have a huge poster of him in my room.'
'oh, ok, then you love him more. i just love his music.'
and all of a sudden, i'm backtracking like crazy, because i do just love his music. it's not like i think he's attractive, and i don't want her to think i'm straight. i lose my ability to speak... 'well, i just love his music too. that's why the poster. i don't poster i like to look at, just for the music... because scary hair.'
she looks at me funny, and answers, 'i like his hair.'
'me too.'
she shakes her head and goes back into the office.
sometimes, i amaze myself...