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(no subject)
i can't take it... if you haven't noticed, i've been mighty good about ignoring all the marie drama. i worked with her 3 days, and barely said a word about her... didn't agonize over every detail... i'm trying to get over it. but today, it's too much. i've got to rant.

it started out like normal, and marie and i were touching and laughing and touching...

then rashid was joking about me sleeping with marie. then he was joking about me wanting terrie. i denied that one. amit heard both of these, and started joking too... i said neither was true, and added, 'i just slept.' amit said he'd ask marie. marie heard that he was going to ask her something, but didn't hear what, so she called us both over there and begged. i said rashid made it up, and she asked if it was anything like what rashid made up last time... she means that night. i say sort of. amit tells her i think terrie's hot. i say i don't. marie asks if i like terrie and i say, 'no. i mean yes, i like her, but i don't like her.'
i can't remember the phrase she used to answer that, but it was something like fruity-ruity or tutti-fruity. like 'not in a fruiten-rooten way?'
i said i didn't know what that meant, but probably not.
then amit says, 'but that's not all i heard... i heard something about you too...'
she doesn't even wait to find out what, just slides her arm around me and tells amit, 'oh yes, we're lovers.'
i punch her arm.
amit tells rashid while i run self-check, and they tease me about it until finally, i go back to marie and tell her to tell them it's not true.
she says it's not, but adds, 'but i did sleep in the same bed as her.'
the boys go, 'ooooooh... how was it?'
marie says, 'i was drunk. she was sober. she's got no excuse.'
i tell them all to shut up and i go into the office to get some tape. marie follows me into the office, pushes the door partly shut, and blocks me from getting the tape. i turn to look for some in a different drawer. she says loudly, 'no, loser, don't touch me there!'
i'm not anywhere near her, but anybody on the other side of that door doesn't know it. i punch her in the arm and tell her to shut up, and she puts her hand over her arm, and says, 'no, i'm not kinky like that! please, stop!'
i tear out of the office and amit and rashid are cracking up, and looking at me. i say i didn't do it, and they laugh and say, 'sure...'

5 minutes later, i try again to get some tape. the second i get inside the door, even though she's on the opposite wall, she screams out, 'no, you can't touch me there for a dollar!'
i step back outside of the office and tell her in disgust, 'man, shut up!'

amit and rashid leave, and i still work. then she gives me a ride home, but after that incident, she doesn't touch me again.

i'm sick of it. sick of everything. i'm sick of the world getting in the way. i'm sick of them talking about it, and i'm sick of everybody who she wants more than me. i just want everything else to go away, and i want to be back on her couch, in the dark, in her arms... or i just want to stop wanting her. i'm fucking sick of this.

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aw. that sucks, good luck though.

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