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(no subject)
at work, amit kept saying (he was doing this yesterday, too) that alyssa had told him something about me, and it was interesting, and crazy, and weird... but he wouldn't tell me what. i asked alyssa and i asked him, and neither of them would tell me yesterday, or for most of today. finally, i begged amit to tell. he wouldn't, so i went over and asked alyssa, and she finally told me. it was basically the same rumor. she heard that jeff, marie, and i went out, got drunk, and came home and slept together. so i ran back over to amit, and said, 'she told me.'
he looked at me expectantly, so i added, 'me and marie and jeff got drunk and slept together.'
teena, who i didn't realize was back there, pops out of the office and stares at me. she comments, 'well i would want to have a threesome, but not with marie and jeff... maybe with amit and nickolas,' and she winks at amit.
i say 'no, no, no, i didn't...'
so for the rest of the day, teena is in on it too. amit and alyssa make this hand motion at me. i'm pretty sure it doens't mean threesome, but they say it does... teena just holds up 3 fingers every time she sees me, and i tell her, 'i didn't do it! i didn't!'
after a while, when amit is on break, teena calls me up there and says, 'hey, i just want you to know, i'm just teasing you... i know you didn't do it. i don't want you to get upset, because i know you're not that kind of person, and you wouldn't do that...'

later, marie comes in to visit, in shorts... i don't notice until amit and teena both call my name. from my register, i look over there, and marie is talking to them, and teena's holding up 3 fingers and amit's doing that other hand motion... marie is laughing too. it's worse when marie's here... i don't want it to be a joke to her. i don't know what i want it to be... i don't know.

molly tells me, after work, when we're discussing the new managers and the fact that art is quitting, 'marie and teena are funny.'
i ask, 'why?'
she says, 'cuz they were talking about you and marie and grabbing boobies.'
aurgh. this all frustrates me.