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aight, i'm begging for comments here.... please...
i know this is dumb, but tell me about sharing food. not sharing food like you and i live in the same house, so we butter our bread from the same stick and pour milk from the same gallon, but sharing food like you're eating a sandwich and i take a bite, or i've got an ice cream bar and offer you a bite.

in my whole life, i've never shared food like that with anybody but my parents. my mom would have a lick of my ice cream cone, or i'd take a bite of my dad's cookie, but that's it. i didn't share food like that with my siblings, or with my friends. to me, if you're sharing food like that, it must mean you're REALLY close... but i'm wondering if maybe i'm just abnormal.

so help me out here... who do you share food with?

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Want some of my chocolate bar?

I'm with you on this one. I used to be really wary about sharing food with anyone who wasn't family. Now I'm a little more relaxed about it, but I only share food with people I'm close to and trust.

Never share food with a person if you have any doubts where their mouth has been :)


I share food with my partner. It's totally normal to me because we are completely intimate with each other in every way...so it's like eating behind my own self. With anyone else...no way.

nan and I think I drank after jul don't share with any one else except maybe my sis. Never my mom she won't drink or eat behind anyone she doesn't care who you are.


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