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must everything have a label?
there's a new guy at udf named ailin. he introduces himself to me and then asks, 'so, are you a christian?'
i say no, and don't offer any more details.
he presses, 'well, are you jewish?'
'no.' (i don't even know what that is.)
'well then what are you?'
'i'm nothing.'
'you can't be nothing.'
why can't i be nothing? i ask, 'you mean i have to have a label?'
'yes,' he replies simply. then he asks, 'do you believe in god?'
i tell him, 'i don't know.'
'then you're agnostic,' he concludes.
do i really have to be something? why can't i just be nothing? i don't want to be agnostic. agnostic sounds like i've given the matter a lot of thought, and come to the conclusion that i don't have enough information to decide if there's a god, and that i'm content with that. i'm not content. i'm not agnostic by choice. if i am agnostic, it's only because everybody else wanted to put me in that category. i'd rather call myself nothing. i'd rather not have a label. i'm sick of gay and straight and bi and christian and jewish and atheist and agnostic. i just want to be me, and i don't want to have to describe myself with their words.

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Agnostic basically means that you're undecided as to the existence of God, whether that's a conscious decision or not.

Pagan covers a lot of things, but it tends to be used for people who practise pre-monotheistic religions (i.e. before Christianity, Islam, Judaism) and who might worship things such as the sun and the earth (there's much more to it than that, this is just a basic outline). I'm not sure if Wyycans come under this heading too, you'd have to ask one.

Anyway, I'm off on holiday!


(Deleted comment)

those religious people...

the worst are the people like this guy, who tell you 'i'm not trying to tell you you're wrong; i'm not trying to change you,' as they tell you that you're wrong and try to change you...

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