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peter wears a rainbow ring
i skipped class today, but i looked it up online, and i got a 90% on the midterm. that's good enough for now...

i have a big paper over boys don't cry due tuesday. i work tomorrow and sunday and monday... i promise myself that i'll do it early, sometime this weekend... i'm lying, though. i know i'll probably do it after work monday night, and go to class on no sleep...

it was a udf day. ailin (the christian) is working nights, so i won't ever work with him, only see him for a few minutes at shift change, just like i used to see ja'lyssa.

the rainbows... yeah, that was my subject for a reason. do gay people really wear rainbows because they're proud of their sexuality? or do they just do it because they're sick of being the invisible minority, and they want to make themselves known? is that the same thing as pride? i think it's different. a part of me thinks that the whole rainbow idea is kind of dumb... after all, straight people are no doubt just as proud of their sexuality as gays are of theirs, but you don't see straights waving straight flags and wearing straight necklaces... but maybe they don't because they don't have to do anything. without wearing 'straight' jewelery, people will likely assume that you're straight, which is fine if you are. but if you're not, you probably get sick of being straight until proven gay, so you put on a rainbow to announce it right off the bat... but would you call that pride?

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hmm well i am not sure.. i wear my rainbow proud to say i am out and proud of myself.. i am proud to let everyone know who and what i am.. people think i am striaght till they see the rainbow in the car or in my windows.. i think it is about comming out to the world.. not holding it in.. not being the secret that people want it to be.. is this making sense most liely not since its so late for me.. smiles

yeah, that makes sense. i'm still not sure about the whole pride concept, but i can definitely see how a rainbow would help you come out to the world, and not keep secrets. in fact, if i was ready to come out to the world, i would probably like to use a rainbow to do it... the only problem is that i'd feel guilty, because i'm using the rainbow not because i'm proud, exactly, but just as an easy way to out myself.

My car has 3 pride stickers on it, a Labrys hanging from my rearview and I haveabout 6 or 7 pride bracelets not to mention my doule girl ring that I wearing on my wedding ring finger.

If you saw Nan's house you'd think it was a pride store.

I personally where my pride ring as a way to say "THIS IS ME" and also because it's kind of an identifier or a possibe dating service. I mean I could meet a hot girl that's digging me and if I don't have on anything that says I am queer she might not say anything for fear of offending.

What you said D is true. Str8 people don't usually walk around wearing str8 pride jewelry and t-shirts and bumper stickers. They are the majority they don't really have to flash their pride or invent dating tactics because they are running shit.


ok, this probably won't make a whole lot of sense because i was trying to write a paper, and that made no sense either... but a question:

if a really homophobic straight person came up to you, and asked you about your pride ring, like 'why do you gays have to flaunt your sexuality like that?' and then they sat and waited for your answer, would you admit that part of the reason you wore it was just for an identifier or a possible dating service? or would you just go into some speech about how it's who you are and you want to let people know you're not ashamed of it, and it's all about pride in yourself and blah blah blah?
i guess i just feel guilty, because i really do think that pride flags and stickers and jewlery are useful things... but i feel like my reasons for appreciating them are different from the reasons that the homosexual community gives to the straight community. i feel like either the gays aren't telling the whole story to the straights, or like i'm a bad gay for valuing other uses for the rainbow, besides just pride in who i am. i'm not sure which it is, but either way, something's wrong...

if you have pride then you have it if you don't then you don't. Rainbow jewelry or bumperstickers or whatever do not mean you have more pride or less pride or that you even give a damn about the gay community as a whole. Nor does it mean that you are flaunting your gayness.

If a str8 homophobe walked up to me and asked me why I was flaunting my gayness by wearing whatever I was wearing. I would look at him or her and shake my head and ask him/her point blank, "Is the reason you consider it flaunting because you made an assumption about something that is none of your business and feel I have proved you wrong?"

That is all it is. When you walk down the street you are presumed str8 99.9% of the time. When ppl see rainbows (if they have any clue what they mean) they have to face the fact that their assumption that 99.9% of the world is str8 is wrong.

This does not mean that you have to wear rainbows to point this out to them. It does not mean that str8 ppl aren't hering the whole truth from us. Everybody on the face of this stinikin ass planet has a right to be proud of him or herself for whatever reason as long as it does not lead to the harm of another. And in that sense no one has the right to question or judge it.

And just for the record people long ago started ways of identifying. Hell look at tribes all around the world from things that they were and make and how they where their jewlery to just markings across their eyebrows. Some of it is culture and some of it is pure pride and a need to say HEY THIS IS ME.

when you say HEY THIS IS ME. nobody has the right to question you about it.


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