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(no subject)
i decided i wouldn't talk to terrie unless i had to, right? but... i wound up talking to her more today than i have in the past month combined... life's funny like that sometimes...

it really wasn't my fault. the first time, i needed an application for a card, and even alyssa (at self-check) didn't have any. so i went up there and terrie was the only one up there, so i asked so fast that all the words ran together and it took her a minute to realize what i asked. i thanked her politely and left.

then, lots later, i was talking to alyssa about toys from the 80s. we were brainstorming (i had the advantage in that brandy and i talk about this all the time). while we were talking, terrie came over, and alyssa invited her right into the conversation, and i couldn't exactly leave at that point, so i talked to her. she knew about those bristle blocks and alyssa didn't know what they were! and she laughed with me when alyssa didn't understand that mousetrap (the game) was just called "mousetrap."
anyway, out of this conversation, i got 2 things.
1. a list of toys i want: lincoln logs, those bristle blocks (were they called bristle buddies?), more legos, a lite brite, playdough, tinkertoys, and those army men.
2. when terrie isn't acting like she hates me, i like her.

joel, one of the 2 new assistant managers, had me help working a few carts of organic food today. i spent a few hours today stocking the organic cooler and shelves. it was the first time anybody had stocked that in quite a while...

joel told jane that i was an excellent worker, and he wasn't just saying that. jane said she knew, and he couldn't steal me and put me in grocery. and then she told me that she had talked to rhonda and ann, and said they needed to hire some new cashiers so they can move me to the office, because now that art's gone, they really need the help. i don't know what i think about that. i think i rather like it how it is now... i run self-check, or a regular register, or i switch with nickolas and go back to dairy, or i'm there at night, and i get to run the register and build the endcaps, or they pull me back to produce, or organic, or gm... if they put me in the office, that's the end of that variety. office people are office people (unless they're marie, in which case they can get out of it for a while so they can go flirt with kyle. fuck her.)

terrie asked if i knew anybody looking for a roommate. i said no, and then i added, 'marie,' and as she walked away, she said 'marie can't afford to live with me.' i wish she would stop moving once in a while... i want her to come back and stand here for a second, so i can ask about christine. obviously she doesn't live with christine anymore, if she's looking for a roommate... but i want to hear her say it. i just want to know where christine is, or even just to know that she's still alive. if terrie could just tell me she moved back home, or found a different roommate, or got a job far away, or something... i miss christine.

jane asked if i could stay later. i forgot about the paper (i tend to forget about stuff like that when people here offer me more hours) and said yes. when i remembered, i begged alyssa to let me run self-check, so i could start writing it... and she let me. then alyssa and i got off at the same time, and she gave me a ride home (even though the bus still came) so i could get there faster. i'm on her way home, but it was still nice of her. and we were talking about moving, and she said she had to move home because she had a week with no place to live or put her stuff. i told her i only have a day, and my stuff is going to molly's grandma's house, but i'm not sure where i'm going. she said i could stay with her. nikki said i could stay with her, and so did katie. amit and rashid both offered, too. i won't commit to anybody, and will continue to build up a pile of options, probably until marie winds up in the pile. either that, or until the day arrives when i have no place to sleep, and then i'll just pick whoever's accessible.

so i finished the paper. does it sound as choppy as this journal entry? probably. do i care? not really. i'm going to bed. don't let me skip class tomorrow...

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I think they're called Sticklebricks.


you're back!!!!!!!!!!!!! how was your trip?

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