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how do you say 'i'm gay' without saying 'i'm gay'?
alana and extra were here, so i decided it was time to come out of the closet to them. i started talking about katie's wedding (she's engaged now), because i wanted to talk about my lack of boyfriend, hoping that would lead into something. they couldn't get over the fact that katie was getting married, so that went nowhere. after a long time of conversing about things i wasn't trying to talk about, i came up with a new plan, and started talking about marie and how she wants to live with us next year and how she 'likes people.' i eventually got them to understand that 'likes people' = 'is bisexual'. that's when molly came home, and it's impossible to have a conversation with all 3 of them at once, and i didn't want to come out to them in one room while molly was in the next, because if i'm going to come out to molly, i want to do it directly. well, not directly. i am not direct. but i want to do it to her face, anyway.
i have issues... i can't say gay. or lesbian. or homosexual. or queer. i can say bad though, so i did, over and over... and naturally, they didn't get it. they're not rashid, malik, or marie, so how could they have any idea? i need a new plan of attack. i have trouble with those words, so i have to find a new way to get at it...

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Maybe you can write it on paper? =D
"Hey guys, *shows up paper*"
Just a thought. I was thinking about this issue actually cause I too find it a bit hard to say it out. Not that I'm coming out any sooner.
Good luck with that.

Ollz San

Well, the way I did it was I told my friend that I was really interested in someone and we were really hitting it off. When they asked who it was I simply said, "Well, HER name is......" Easier to say that than to come out and say you're gay. It seems as though that word has such a bad vibe with it that it's like you don't want to necessarily be labeled with it. Like it's the freakin' plaque or something. I'll be wishing you luck.


see, i think that's a good idea, because i think that's something i could say, maybe not in those exact words, but something about how much i like this girl, or how hot that girl is... but i worry, because i think that in theory, my friends don't have a problem with homosexuality. if i could just come up to them and say, 'i'm gay,' i think they wouldn't care. gay seems like a broad label, one that means a lot more than just who you sleep with (which is probably the same reason i dislike it so much). but if i said, 'i wanna get naked with that girl,' they'd probably be shocked, and much less accepting. i think it'd be best to give them time to get used to the idea that i'm a theoretical lesbian before i force them to realize what that actually means, in terms of relationships and sexual thoughts and behaviors... yeah, if that makes any sense to anybody who's not me, i'll be pretty shocked...

i understood i think... You believe it will be easier for them to accept the generalized notion of lesbianism and you more so than accepting the idea of you sleeping with women. Kind of like how parents never want their daughter sleeping around but they can accept the idea of her being married. Of course they know her being married means she and her husband are having sex but it is a lot easier to deal with that then her having sex with some guy.

I think that's what you meant...


yeah! that's what i meant...

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