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ok, who wants to answer a stupid and slighlty embarassing question?
i figured if i ignored this question long enough, it'd go away and i'd stop caring, but i haven't, so here goes...

i always thought there were 2 ways to kiss (in terms of mouth-to-mouth kissing). i thought a regular kiss involved lips only, like each set of lips sort of sucking on the opposite... and then i thought the other kind was a french kiss, which involved tongues touching toungues, or one person's tongue passing between the other person's lips.

so marie arrived, and i realize that either i've got the definitions wrong, or there are more than 2 types of kisses. she was sort of sucking on my lips and licking them at the same time... like, her tongue wasn't attempting to enter my mouth, but it was definitely involved in the kiss... is that a regular kiss? is there no such thing as a kiss where both tongues stay in their own mouths? or is this different? does it have a name? am i stupid for not knowing this?

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you're not stupid...although i usually save those kind of kisses for foreplay or a little bit of teasing. :) but anyway...i would say that there is tongue kisses and no tongue kisses, regardless of where exactly the tongue goes. make sense? and all that really matters is that you liked it. :)


i don't think you are supid a little crazy yes but stupid no...but then you already knew that. I think kissing is different to everyon but as holly pointed out there really are only 2 types. With tongue or without....doesn't really matter what the tongue is doing or where it goes...unless it's up your nose which is the worst especially if the girl has a tongue ring...god that was disgusting...anyway as long as you enjoyed it and her that's all that matters in the long run.


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