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this is interesting...
instead of sleeping or homework, i played on the internet. and i wound up at my school's website, using this handy feature they have where you can search for students. when you find the student, it displays useful information about them, like their major, their local address, and their email address... for most students, this is just the university-supplied address. but for christine, it was a hotmail address. (this is especially intersting since christine isn't even a student anymore... shows how often they update their database...) with this address in mind, i surfed on over to hotmail and made several attempts to guess her password, using various combinations of jps and tyrones names. none of them were correct, and i was out of guesses fast. but when i guessed incorrectly, it would show me a link to use if you forgot your password. so after a few more incorrect guesses, i clicked the link. before i went any further, i decided i should figure out just how it worked, so i opened a new window and played around with my own account for a while. this is what i discovered. (boring technical details...)

there are 2 screens you have to complete before you can reset your password. the first screen has 4 blanks: your sign-in name, your country, your state, and your zip code. if you enter any of this information wrong, it will show you the same screen, with a few lines of red at the top, explaining what you could have possibly done wrong. after you enter all of this information correctly, you are taken to a 2nd screen, with 4 more lines. the first line is filled in, and displays your secret question. this is a question you picked when you made the account, that you are supposed to be the only one who knows the answer, like your mothers maiden name, or a portion of your ssn. mine is the last 4 digits of my checking account number. the 2nd line is for you to enter the answer to the secret question. the 3rd and 4th are for you to enter a new password, and to re-enter the password. well i don't want to change her password on her... so i played a little more. i discovered that if you leave the 3rd and 4th fields blank, but correctly answer the secret question, it will re-display the same screen, with an error message that says 'please enter a new password' or something like that. but if you leave the 3rd and 4th fields blank and incorrectly answer the question, it will re-direct you to an entirely different screen, telling you to email the support department. if you answer the secret question incorrectly 4 times, it will no longer allow you to access that screen, and you won't be able to get back into it until you've successfully logged into your account.

anyway, with my new understanding of hotmail, i went back to christine's account. her sign-in name was what i had already found. i knew she was from the us, and ohio. i didn't know her zip code, but since i had memorized her entire car (license plate included), i knew what county she was from. so i spent a little time searching alta vista and found myself a county map of ohio that also displayed zip codes. and then i found her county and systematically entered zip codes until i got the right one. i got it on my 3rd try. this brought me to the screen that displayed her secret question, and i about fell out of my seat. the question? 'AM I A GAY?' that's it. that's her secret question. what the hell kind of secret question is that? a yes or no question! so i quickly try no. that's wrong. then i try yes. that's wrong. i am confused. i try 'hell no' wrong. then 'no way' also wrong. and then i'm locked out of that screen, until the next time she logs in. and i am pondering this... what could the answer to that be? is that a line from a movie i've never seen? is it some kind of inside joke? why would you use that as your secret question? and what are some possible answers besides those i've already tried? you can bet i'll be back later, trying again. i just hope she checks her email often.


wow i am seriously stalking her. obsessed. i am an awful person. i can't believe i just did that. somebody yell at me.

'you ok?'

ahhhhhhh stop sleep loser sleep!

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PSYCHO!!!!!!!! lol j/k man that is kinda like stalking but its interesting what you found out. I was kinda thinking you know what she could be a lesbien or bi. I meen she does live with that chick right (not saying that that makes her gay) I dunno its just certain things you talk about that kinda makes me wonder that if she is. And why would she use that line if she wasn't. I dunno I hope Im not getting your hopes up or confusing you. But just play it low man. You don't wanna turn into a full blown stalker. lol j/k No your not the only one who has tried to figure out ppls passwords to there email, I do it sometimes. Maybe we are both crazy haha well ciao chick!


i don't know about her being gay, but for sure the living situation means nothing. it's college. everyone lives with people of the same sex. you gotta have a roommate, and most people's parents would kill them if they lived with a member of the opposite sex. even mine, which is funny, if you think about it. if only they knew...

lol, i don't think you could possibly make me any more confused than i already am, so don't worry about that for sure!

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