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the embarrassment of being caught with winnie the pooh and britney spears...
i went to bed around 11 a.m. and rolled out of bed at 4 p.m. i called katie to wish her a happy birthday (her birthday was yesterday), and then went straight to my final. i think i did fine. when it was over, i had to go get katie a birthday present. i was going to go home, get a shower and get changed, and then catch a bus downtown, but i realized that being on campus, i was halfway to old navy. i could walk the rest of the way there in 10 minutes, and then i could catch a bus home. it would be much faster than going downtown... so i went, and got her a present.

there's a target next door to old navy, and i needed a new watch. (i don't wear watches. or bracelets, for that matter. i hate having things on my wrist. i also hate not knowing what time it is. so i buy a cheap watch and rip off the band, and then i carry around the watch in my pocket. but i tend to lose them pretty fast, and i had lost my most recent one.) since i was already there, i went into target. the cheapest watch was a winnie the pooh watch for $7, so i picked it up. but i can't go to a store that carries toys, video games, and cds without looking at the toys, video games and cds... so i took the winnie the pooh watch and went over to look at the cds. as i browsed through the new releases at the front of the section, i noticed that on the display next to me, there were two different britney spears dvds. i don't like her music, but i was curious... she's a relatively new artist... how can she have enough videos to make two dvds? is there really that much difference between the two dvds? curiosity got the best of me, and i picked one up to look at it. before i even flipped it over, i noticed kinitra in the aisle. my heart skipped about 5 beats, and i did a quick assessment of the situation. she looked HOT, as always. i, on the other hand, looked like i had just rolled out of bed (mainly because for all intents and purposes, i had). i needed a shower, and i was wearing old clothes. i hadn't made any attempt to control my hair, and it was all frizzy and curly, like a cross between a hobbit and albert einstein. plus, i still had on my glasses from taking the final, and i hate the way i look in glasses. appearancewise, she had the advantage. situation-wise, she was with two people - a guy with a 'fro (i recognized him because he had come with her when she came to pick up her paycheck) and a girl. i was by myself, like a loser, and to make matters worse, i was holding a winnie the pooh watch and a britney spears dvd. she had the advantage here too. i panicked. i hoped she hadn't seen me... i couldn't let her see me... my heart was pouunding and my stomach was turning as i turned my back to her and tried my hardest to blend into the cd racks. i tried not to breath until i heard her pass. then i slowly turned around and glanced at her back a few yards down the aisle (damn is she hot...). what if she came back this way? quickly, while her back was still to me, i threw britney back on the rack and darted out across the aisle, into the video game section. i hurried all the way to the back corner, where i crouched down and tried to remember how to breath. i counted to 10 slowly, 4 times, and then i crept back up to the front of the section. i looked both ways twice, to make sure she wasn't anywhere near me, and then i hurried up to the front to buy the watch and get out of here.

i'm weird, i know, but i put this in here just to illustrate... that is how i get around hot girls. that is normal for me. what's happening with me around marie, that's not normal...