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the insanity begins...
we're moving tomorrow. or actually, today, starting in about 5.5 hours. i have to pack and i still haven't slept... tomorrow we have to get our keys, get our parking passes, call the gas, electric, water, and phone companies to get things set up, move, my dad comes, i go watch fly play soccer, we move some more, i sleep in one of the two places we have, get up early, get city parking passes, buy a new entertainment center to put in the new place, clean the old place like crazy, finish moving (because i know i won't have taken all my posters down by then), go shopping for groceries and kitchen stuff we need for the new place, go to the post office and change our address, turn in our old keys, find some time to sleep, and then i have to wake up early friday to go to work. did you follow all that? me either. i don't think there's that many hours in the day...