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the dullest journal entry ever
i slept 2 hours, woke up, and moved stuff to the new place with molly for 3 hours. my dad showed up and we moved for 2 more hours. then i sat in the hot sun for 2 more hours and watched fly play soccer. then i came back and moved stuff for another hour. then i took a break to eat, and then spent another hour moving junk. all that's left here (old place) now is my computer and cleaning stuff, plus some posters that i still haven't taken down... so i stayed at the old place to clean, and i just spent 2.5 hours cleaning the un-airconditioned bathroom. plus, i got sunburnt from all that time in the sun, which made me even hotter. the bathroom looks damn good, though... 1 room down, 6 rooms to go... i'm about to walk to the new place, get a shower, and sleep in the air conditioning.. except for that my bed is still not put together, and my towels, washclothes, soap, and shampoo are all packed, mostly in separate boxes, as are my pajamas. i just want to sleep...

and the reason i wrote all that (believe it or not) was this: tomorrow, they come here and take away our internet access, and we don't get it installed at the new place until monday, though i will be going home on sunday, so i'll be absent for a while. i don't mind voluntary absences, but i hate being forced to go without internet. the end.