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new apartment
we moved in to the new apartment a few days back. we both have parking spots, right behind the apartment, and we both have an extra pass for the street. the air conditioning works wonderfully. i've got a nice big room, and we've got lots of room in the kitchen. we have a washer and a dryer in the kitchen. most of the kitchen stuff is put away, and we went grocery shopping and got a ton of food. she's got the original nintendo, a super nintendo, and a nintendo 64. i've got a ngc and a ps2. we bought a brand new entertainment center for all our systems and set it up in the living room. we've got switches and rca cables and all kinds of junk running back there to hook everything up. it was a pain. plus, the outlet was broken, so we had to go to home depot and buy a new outlet and a smaller screwdriver to install it. (this was all molly; i was afraid i'd mess something up.) but now, it's mighty nice. you don't have to change any plugs to play a different system, just push a button on a switch and pick a video input. our computers are set up in our rooms and we're ready to network them together, just as soon as the internet guy comes. we've got a big board set up in the living room to hold legos or whatever toys we're using at the moment. i like toys :-).

the biggest problem at the new place is the toilet. when you flush it, water spills from the tank onto the floor. if you lift the lid after it's done flushing, but before the bowl has finished refilling, you'll get a facefull of toilet water. (i found this out the hard way.) there's a hose in there that comes unattatched, and with water flowing through it, there's enough pressure that it thrashes around wildly. it's just my luck that it was aiming at my face when i lifted the lid... (to solve this problem, you have to lift the lid of the tank off when you're ready to flush. then you have to hold a piece in with one hand and flush with the other. when it's done flushing, you can let go and it will refill fine on its own.)

hopefully, the maintenance people will fix the toilet problem. we get internet access tomorrow, and by the time i get back on wednesday or thursday, it should be a fine place to live.

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hey, glad to hear you like your new place. good to have you back too! :)


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