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(no subject)
i visited brandy at work, twice. i visited her the first time yesterday, to bring her lunch and her birthday present, but i accidentally left the birthday present at home. so today, i had to go visit her again. while i was out, i went to the store. i got super mario sunshine, sonic adventure 2, and super monkey ball 2 for the ngc and i got lego soccer (i love legos!) and state of emergency for the ps2. i got another switch to let us hook up the xbox that i don't have yet and 2 more pairs of nikes and some more shirts... and i need to stop spending money. i went to watch jake run cross-country, and the kid is just like me. he's got potential, and he's content to keep it that way. if trying your hardest won't make you number one, then it's best to give it less than your best, so people will see your potential. he's the 2nd best runner on the team, and he's only a sophomore, and he crosses the finish line hardly out of breath. sometimes, he fakes like he's breathing hard so people will lay off. he doesn't work out in the off-season and he goofs off at practice. but he finishes over a minute behind the first place runner from his team, and usually, the other team wins the race. and if you ask him, he'll tell you that it doesn't matter if he didn't run quite as fast as he could, because he wouldn't have won anyway. my parents get frustrated with him. my parents got frustrated with me. (fly, on the other hand, is living up to her potential and then some. as a freshman on her college soccer team, she has started every game. she's leading the team in goals scored and she's second in assists. she gets more playing time than pretty much anybody else (excluding the keeper, who plays the whole game). fly is making my parents proud, and i'm happy about that. they're good parents; they deserve at least one kid that they can brag about...) i got off topic. what was the topic again? what i've been doing? that's about it... but while i'm here with nothing better to do, i think i'm going to write up some other stuff i've been meaning to write up for a while now...