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the potential lesbian with the little boy
this is a way overdue entry. there's this girl (she's probably older than me, but probably not a lot older than me) who shops at my store, and she always comes in with her little boy. it took me a long time to be sure that she was a lady, not a man. she's real butch, and she wears guys' clothes. she sounded like a girl, but i figured she could be a feminine guy. it wasn't until the little boy called her 'mommy' that i knew for sure that she was a girl. once i knew that, i decided that she was sort of hot. i think really, it wasn't her. it's just that when i see sign that a girl could be a lesbian, it adds a few points to her hotness, and this girl is full of signs. she has a kid, and i've never seen her shop without him, which means there's probably no husband. i've also never seen her shop with anybody besides the kid. she dresses like a guy. she has short hair. she walks like a lesbian. she sounds like a lesbian. (that's all the stereotypes i'll use today, thanks.) and she smiles at me, and talks to me, every time she comes in. (yeah, i know, talking to me doesn't make you a lesbian.) i'm not so good at talking to hot girls. i'm not so good at talking to potential lesbians. i'm not so good at talking to people i don't know. so i'm really not good at talking to this girl... but i can talk to her little boy just fine, and as far as little boys go, he is a great kid. he's the most well-behaved kid i've seen in that store. he's polite, and he's cute too. (from what i can tell, his mom is an excellent mother, too. they always look so happy to be with each other. he never whines and she never yells... all these giptonites who scream across the store at their dirty misbehaving children could take a lesson from these two.) when his mom goes through self-check, he'll politely ask me if he can watch her through my camera. i let him, and then i show him how to switch which lane you're watching. and one time, i was popping some bubble wrap that molly brought me, and he just watched me. you could tell he wanted some, so i offered him a piece. he was thrilled. usually, i just talk to him, and when his mom leaves, she smiles at me and thanks me. the most recent time, though, he was looking at a display of those bellywashers when she was ready to leave, so she came up to stand by my counter and wait for him to finish. she said hello to me, and i said hi. then i didn't know what to say, so i just asked, 'where'd he go?'
she said he's on the other side of that display, and we talked about the bellywashers for a bit, and then the boy noticed that his mom was done, and came over to leave. instead of leaving, though, she asked him, 'do you remember her? you always talk to her when we come here.'
i offered, 'last time, i had bubble wrap.'
he laughed and said he remembered the bubble wrap, and his mom said, 'that was nice of her, wasn't it?'
he said it was. then she said, 'well, i guess we can leave now. see you next time.'
i said bye, and that was it.

really, it's not much of a story. it's just that i feel like if it hasn't made it into my livejournal, it's not a significant part of my life, and i've talked to these two enough that i feel like they deserve a mention.