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a terrie story
this happened thursday, when molly and i went grocery shopping with her parents for our new place.

while packing, i had found an old midterm that rashid had wanted. i was pretty sure he wasn't working that night, but i thought i'd bring it, just in case. when i came in the door, marie called me over to the service desk, but she had a customer, so she couldn't really talk to me. while molly was taking our stuff through self-check, i went up to see if rashid was working. terrie was standing in the low doorway, so i went over to the counter. marie was on the other side of the counter, looking at the break list, so i asked her. she said yeah, actually, they had called him in tonight, but he wasn't here yet. i asked if she could give the test to him, and she said, 'close your eyes.'
'but can you give this to rashid?'
'if you close your eyes, i will.'
so i closed my eyes. she said, 'open your mouth.'
my eyes flew open and i replied, 'uh-uh... i don't open my mouth when you're around! no way!'
we both laughed and she told me, 'it's just a carrot this time... it could have been worse...'
we laughed and she touched my hand and i told her carrots are yucky, and she took the test to give to rashid, and then tasha called something from in the office.
marie said, 'what? i didn't know that.'
terrie, who had been staring at marie and me ever since i came up here, retorted angrily, 'you wouldn't. you were too busy trying to shove things in peoples' mouths,' and then she stomped off.
now terrie is a bitter person, and i'm used to hearing comments like that from her... but never directed towards marie. as far as i knew, she liked marie. and why is that worth getting so upset over? so marie was playing around... so what? terrie reads cooking magazines when she's supposed to be working, and she does it all the time... is it just because i'm around, and her hatred towards me overflows onto marie when marie's talking to me?
then i replay her voice in my head, only this time, i recognize the tone... that's the tone of voice that i get when marie's flirting with kyle, or paul. that's the voice i used when i told molly how marie wouldn't help me with the milk crates because she was too busy flirting with kyle. for me, anyway, that's the voice of jealousy... but what would terrie be jealous of?
i've been pondering this ever since it happened, and i don't really know. i guess maybe bitterness fueled by jealousy and bitterness fueled by anger could sound the same. or maybe i'm just dreaming. maybe terrie is just bitter in general, and it has nothing to do with me or marie. maybe i spend way too much time thinking about terrie, anyway, and it doesn't really matter what she thinks... i don't know... i just thought it was odd, that's all...