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i woke up an hour before marie was scheduled to get off. i had to go there, to tell jane that molly had agreed to work monday, and to deposit my udf paycheck. i planned it out so that i'd be arriving as she was leaving, that way she would have plenty of time to talk to me, without having to worry about either of us working. it worked. as i headed to the office to talk to jane, she was coming out of the office. she called my name and rubbed my cheeks, and then she kept walking. i told jane that molly would work monday, and jane said good. she said she'd try to schedule molly to work like a 6-11, and then she could schedule me, her, and terrie to close in the office. i wince, and then hope she didn't notice. i like terrie... but i don't want her to have any part in training me. terrie gets MAD when i ask questions, and if i'm learning something new, i'm probably going to have a lot of questions. i don't like it when she's mad at me, and she doesn't like to be mad. this could be a bad thing...

i have a paycheck to deposit at the bank, but i want to catch marie before she leaves. i go upto the break room, but she's not there. i go back downstairs, and wander the aisles, but i can't find her. i stroll outside, and her car is still in the lot. i jog back upstairs and check the schedule. paul is here today, and he's about due for a break. i'm sure that the two of them are outside. when his break is over, she'll come back inside. i just have to time it right. somehow, i do. she's coming down the aisle with paul when i'm going up it. she grins at me and opens her arms wide as she walks towards me. when we meet in the middle, she throws them around me dramatically, and i hug her back and walk backwards because she's still walking forward, and she's hugging me so tightly that i don't have much of a choice. then she tickles me, and looks at paul. he doesn't seem to notice, so she tells him, 'watch,' and then she tickles me again. he doesn't seem amused, so she stops trying to tickle me, and i try to tickle her instead. she wrestles me, but the whole time she's doing it, she keeps looking at him, like she's only doing this to put on a show for him. then she goes to get her stuff, and i'm talking to josephine. paul's looking at the schedule, josephine leaves, and marie comes up behind me, grabs my wrist, and bites my arm hard. she lets go with her hands and holds on with her teeth. i wiggle and squirm, but i can't get my arm out of her mouth. she keeps her teeth clenched tightly on my skin and her eyes on paul, until he turns around from looking at the schedule, and does a double take at the sight of me struggling to get my arm out of her mouth. now that he's seen it, she lets go.
'ouch!' i exlaim, and i examine the teeth marks in my arm. i show them to her. she takes my arm and kisses it (and then glances up at paul). i roll my eyes and tell her, 'still there.'
she rubs my arm for a while, and then kisses it again. then rashid comes in and paul leaves, and marie follows paul. i'm sick of that, so i pretend like it's not killing me to let her go, and i stay and talk to rashid. he thanks me for staying to be the night cashier, and then he says, 'hey. i know two things to tell you.'
i laugh and ask what.
the first thing is that he was standing at self-check with terrie, and there was a girl who was about 21 or so. terrie said outloud, 'that girl has nice tits,' and when rashid laughed, she said, 'i'm sorry. i shouldn't have said that in front of you.'
the second thing is that marie has a kid. i tell him i sort of knew that, and ask how he knew. i knew she had been pregnant, and i figured that if she was having swollen feet and all that, then she probably hadn't had an abortion... but i didn't know any details. he said amit told him on the ride home last night. she was 16, and she had a kid, but she gave it up for adoption. she showed amit pictures, once. the guy was black, so the kid is mixed.
i tell him that it doesn't surprise me, and it doesn't, but i don't like to think about it. i can't help thinking, though. when she was 16... that was 2 years ago. right about when she got this job... she probably had the baby, and as soon as she was un-pregnant enough, she went out and got a job. so i met marie right after she had a baby. why???
then he adds, 'and amit says that she'll sleep with anybody.' he says this like it came as a shock to him, and it's almost funny. i sigh and tell him, 'now that, i definitely knew.'
he asks, 'really?'
'how did you know?'
i know because i am anybody. so is paul, and grant, and jeff, and kyle, and art, and some nameless faceless black boy who fathered her kid, and probably a million other people who i've never met and probably don't want to meet. i am not special. i am just anybody, just like everybody else. that sucks.
i don't tell him that. i just shrug and say, 'i guess it's one of those things i just knew, without ever officially finding out, you know?'
then i tell him i'm going to the bank, and he says bye, and i go, and i go home. i don't like being reminded that i'm anybody.