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(no subject)
marie didn't show up for work today, since she was scheduled at 10 a.m., but worked 16 hours straight and didn't get off until 7 a.m. sam called off too. terrie was there the whole time. she closed in the office with jane, and at night, it was just rashid on express and me. terrie told me, 'if it gets busy, call me out there. i can't see from the office, and i don't want jacqui to call me up and yell at me. so if your line gets long, call me, ok?'
this is a double-bind situation. if it gets busy and i call her, she'll be mad at me for not going fast enough to handle the customers on my own. but if it gets busy and i don't call her, jacqui will, and then she'll be mad at me for not calling her. my solution: don't let it get busy. i ran register like a maniac, let me tell you... i'd do anything to avoid the wrath of terrie...
for about an hour, i kept it managable. then about 5 people came at once, so i gave up and called her out. we went through everybody, and she shut down. it was dead. terrie headed back to the office, and i headed over to self-check to ask teena about my break, which had been due an hour ago. i asked, 'so do i have to wait til 10 to take my break?'
teena said, 'oh, that's a while. no, you can just ask terrie if she'll stay out and run your break.'
ask terrie? yeah, right... 'oh, it's ok,' i told her. 'i'll just wait til 10,'and i headed back to my register.
teena intercepted terrie on her way back to the office, and said, 'debbie wants to know if you'll stay out so she can have a break. i told her to ask you, but she's scared.'
terrie barks, in this awful voice, 'of what?!?!'
of that. that was evil. that was scary. i'm glad i'm way over here on register, and she didn't directly ask me that question... terrie is scary.
so she came over to open up and told me to shut down. i said, 'i can just wait til 10; it's ok.'
'no!' she snapped, 'go!'
so i went. fast. it was a 5-minute break.

i gave rashid a ride home, and i came back here. the first thing i did was check the machine, in case i got a message from marie. i didn't. i hope she calls sometime... i hope she visits sometime... or maybe i hope i just suddenly stop wanting all that.

for the next few days, my sleep schedule is going to go through some major adjustments. tomorrow morning, i train in the office with jane (same shift as terrie). monday night, i close in the office with jane (same shift as terrie). tuesday, i'm on my own (well, with kelly), morning again. then i get a 5-hour break, and then i work the night shift at udf. then comes a 2-hour break, and then i'm off to classes.
i. hate. classes.