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at one point, marie and i were in the office. amit was at the counter, and terrie came up and told him, 'ok, i'm going to go upstairs and check out some titties.' (jacqui was upstairs.)
as she was finishing, i was heading out of the office to get something. she saw me and got all alarmed, and held out her hand like to protect me, and said, 'oh my god, i didn't mean for you to hear that, i'm so sorry, i should never have said that in front of you...'
marie pokes her head out of the office, and asks, 'what?'
terrie says, 'well marie could hear it... but i didn't mean for you to; i'm sorry, you're so young.'
and she wouldn't repeat it for marie to hear, not while i was there, so i finally went back into the office, just so she would tell marie.

marie is almost 19. i'm 21. how come marie can hear that, but i can't?

like i do with every interesting work story, i repeated it to molly and to rashid. rashid just laughed. molly didn't seem bothered, so i moved into my next terrie story. it's a long one and rather irrelevant, but the point was that terrie wanted her girlfriend to trust her. when i finished the story, molly said, 'oh yeah... i forgot that she had a girlfriend. at first, i was thinking, so what if she wants to stare at girls' bodies?, but i forgot that she had this girlfriend... if you're going to check out girls when you're already taken, the least you could do is not brag about it.'
:-) molly said so what if she wants to stare at girls' bodies? i'm taking that as a good sign. maybe if i tell her that i want to stare at girls' bodies, she'll say the exact same thing... it'll be ok, right? i need to just come out to her... why am i so scared?


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